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I might do this report a bit carefully to try not to destroy everyone's internet connections.  Karla's was a cracking visit with lots to see - hence this is going to be an exceptionally long report.  

Part 1: 

Andy wakes.  It's wet.  Oh damn.  Stoopid garden visit.  Maybe I should just roll back over and go back to sleep?  

Thank god My Rozie dragged me out of bed, kicking and squeeling!  Unlike my place, Karla has a real yard!  Let the pictures speak for themselves: (yes, hard to believe, but I will shut up now)

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Here's Part 2 - the other side of Karla's yard.

And that my friends was today's garden visit.  

I haven't told Karla, but I've selected the site for my camp and intend to move me, the van and Bobie in next week. 

What a massive garden due to a big week wet weather and a long trip to get there just couldnt make it damm,Those wicking beds looked half the size of some backyards alone.What was that growing in the bottom photo were they from the brassica family.

I thought it was a cabbage at the time Darren, but hopefully Christine or Karla will tell us. 

Hooley dooley! Some garden! Looks just amazing … huge effort and great results Karla. Would loved to have made it.

Wow Andy - your photos make it look good!  We've never actually taken any good photos of the place, so thanks so much - will add them to our album!  Thanks to all who came on such a drizzly, cold day.  It was nice to hear lovely feedback on a number of our 'projects' that seem to be ongoing.....always something else to do.  Nice to share good food and conversation with you all.  And now I don't have to explain to Brucey what actually goes on at these garden visits.  BTW, they were Chinese Cabbages in the photos. Thanks again!

P.S: Will add recipe for Choko Jam soon.  As you can probably tell from my past lack of communication, I'm not all that tech savvy.


Happy you liked them Karla.  

What an incredible garden! A little piece of heaven for a gardener - thank you Karla and Bruce for inviting us all over for a look-see and making us all feel so welcome.

Andy has done such a good job with the report and photos - I'll see if I have any pics to add.

More beautiful garden art.

Looking back at the house.

Insect hotel at the entrance to the huge chook run.

The Aquaponics system, made from mostly recycled materials and stocked with Jade Perch with some of the healthiest grow beds I have ever seen with one of these systems.

Looking over Roz's shoulder into one side of the huge chook run.

Moss "woman" (she has a name but I've forgotten it) - wire frame filled with soil and covered with moss.

It is an amazing garden and soooooo much space.  Karla and Bruce were so eager to share their experiences with everyone and I appreciated this greatly.  I only wish I had enough space to include some of these features.  Many thanks to Karla and Bruce for opening their corner of paradise for our enjoyment.

Karla - looking forward to your mums choko jam recipe

Here is recipe for Choko Jam....not sure if this is the correct forum, but figured those who tasted would get an email???

4 Chokos, 1 Small Pineapple, 1/2 Lemon (skin and all juice)

Cut all into small pieces, just cover with water and boil until all are cooked.

Measure with a cup - For every cup of fruit add 1 cup of sugar.

Bring to boil and simmer until it sets when tested.

Happy Jamming!

Thanks Karla and please thank you mother - will be giving it a try soon

Amazing! Wish I was there!


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