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The weather was fine, warm and perfect for a Garden Visit.

A good array of plants to share and food to delight the senses.

Our 'official' photographer, Andy

will add his professional pix ...

Some of the good crowd who rolled up to talk and share:

The pet drake was relaxed with the company ...

Potted trees ...

Pumpkins and Okra ...

The herb garden ...

And an exquisite Hibiscus (as it turns out, not a Hibiscus - see discussion below) ...

And some of the scrumptious food we shared ...

Thank you Farina for your hospitality and those wicked gluten-free bliss bombs ;-)

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Okay.  Thanks Elaine.  This is Andy here, at the scene.  Official Garden Visits reporter (provided I wake up on time, don't get lost, don't get confused about the date, don't lose the address or get distracted by a shiney thing).  

Today's garden visit was the spot for good conversation:

The crowds were clearly loving looking around what the garden had to offer:

The wonderful plants:

Amazing things to see and do:

Wonderful food (by breakfast, I'm referring to eggs NOT chicken!!!!)

But, as happens at these visits, a STAR will inevitably emerge.  That special something or someone who outshines everything else on the day.  This time it was:  Mr Waddles.

So, this has been Andy C, reporting on another life-threatening mission on behalf of BLF. 

"Remember, if you want excitement, then you want BLF! "  

Good slogan! Great photos Elaine and Andy. Wasn't the duck gorgeous - I want one!

Elaine - are you sure that's a Hibiscus? I kept meaning to ask Farina. Think it might be something more exotic going by those leaves. Reminds me of a morning glory in bush form???

Hate looking at pics of myself, first thought is "who is that grim middle aged woman who looks like my Aunt" lol.

Thank you to everyone who turned up and Farina for hosting. As usual it was a delight to meet everyone, eat good food, share produce/plants and have a relaxed natter.

Don't forget to check out our special "extra" GV at Roman and Jana's on 5th April. This young couple have become local celebrities and are doing remarkable things on a (rented) suburban block and will have something of interest for everyone.

See HERE  for full Sunday Mail article.

Thanks for the lovely morning Farina and guests. It is always great meeting like minded people, sharing experiences and goodies. Fantastic photos as usual Andy.

The flower looks like a Hibiscus or it could be a close relative. The leaves can be very variable as can the sizes of Hibiscus-relative plants (some native Australian ones are quite tiny plants e.g.). There's a proper botanical name for it which I've forgotten, but the combined male/female parts in the flower are distinctive. Look at your Okra and see what I mean - it's a 'Hibiscus' too as are Rozellas and indeed dope (Mary Jane).

It's beautiful whatever it is. Maybe Farina can give it a name for us.

I suggest "Roger."

Lol! I'll go with "Roger" too! Sorry I couldn't possibly enlighten you here - it was an established plant when we moved in. The Morning Glory suggestion seems best to me - it's got a sticky white sap and I'd be hesitant to give it a taste... 

Good grief, I'm always raving ;-) Love your photos Andy :-)

Thanks Elaine. 

Garden looks great Farina sorry i was not there.And another great job with the camera Andy.

Cheers mate. 

Mr Waddles is gorgeous, we will get ducks one day when not working so many hours!  We also have a couple of those "hibiscus??" plants if anyone in the Caboolture area would like cuttings.  I work in Morayfield, so could take them with me if needed.


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