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Welcome to Jess' garden. Jess has been in the house for just over 13 months and the garden has already a lot to show for it. This has not been without challenges. As we make our way to the side of the house, we can see the first challenge

A very nasty weed has invaded the side wall and even grown out of the air conditioning unit. You know it is serious when our knowledgeable members start suggesting the word glysophate.

It's not all bad news though. Among the volunteer plants is a lovely passion fruit vine not far from the purposely planted one, a gift from a friend and a couple of decorative climbers.  

The back garden is a mix of relaxation with the spa and fire pit and luscious garden beds.

Lots of herbs and cherry tomatoes, lemongrass.

A nice collection of succulent complements the spa area.

As we make our way to the front garden, we are greeted by all the beautiful ornementals. Not for long though as Susan shares her passion and is on a mission to convert this front garden to an orchard ;)

Once again we had delicious food even without Dianne's delicious cheese. I hope you are getting better.) Andy graced us with a delicious coffee liqueur. We had chocolate chip cookies and scrumptious stuffed pepper, various fruit from garden and dips and crackers. Thank you all for coming.


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Thanks so much Jess for hosting a lovely GV for our members, so sorry I missed out but I am sure there will be another occasion in the near future. A big thanks must go to Valerie for an informative report and a big thank you to Valerie's Son for taking the lovely photos.

Though your garden is still a very young one, it shows by these photos much progress. Yes most of us keep a secret bottle of Glyphosate (for those must get rid of weeds) hidden in the cupboard behind all the Organic Garden Supplies. You will find our members a very helpful bunch and I am sure they were only to happy to help you with all your gardening questions. Hope you are enjoying your time on BLF.

Well done on the report Valerie. Thanks Jess and Z. It will be a lot of fun watching your garden progress.

Thank you Valarie for the report :) and a big thank you to Jess, Z and Crystal for having us over to visit.


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