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13.08.2016 Rob and Natasha Garden visit

Saturday dawned bright and cool, the recent rain meant the drive to Samford included spectacular views that were green and clean. The temperature and excitement levels warmed significantly as we heading up the hills to the block and the terrain changed to the great Aussie bush.  The visit was so popular parking was at a premium. The Welcome from our hosts was warm and inviting. Food on the table just about left no room for plates and ranged from delicious home produced raw fare to great delicacies produced by extraordinary chefs .  Everyone enjoyed a natter with new and old friends .  James supplied some more samples of his ingenious recipes inspiring many to try new tastes. There were many different types of produce ,seeds cuttings and plants available for swapping with many people returning home with new prizes for their own plots.

The Garden ranged from bush tucker to more traditional fruit and vegetable beds with some interesting ideas for optimal use of available space – the wire triangle that could be easily moved has inspired some new design drawings for here . It was great to listen to such knowledgeable discussions on different aspects of the growing of foods, especially the honest appraisal of the wicking beds and the different experimental designs for each.

Davison Plums, Plum pines, Brown pines , Atherton Rasberries, Quandong, lillypillies and  Sandpaper figs were just a sample of the larger bush tucker plants that were grown on this acreage . The goats were enjoying their new pens and the chickens seemed very content in their area. The citrus and stone fruits all had a place in the garden and are part of the annual harvest. Vegetables were grown in  garden beds , pots and wicking beds – water was the limiting factor throughout the garden . Discussion was forthcoming  on deterrents for pests and weeds with some novel approaches to their control.  Plans for future expansion were also shared. 

Rob did an excellent walk and talk tour through these areas with discussion assistance from Natasha.  Everyone returned from the garden tour to sample the delights  of the fresh fish they had reared in their tanks – silver perch  and cooked in the outdoor oven. 

Reluctantly we had to disperse to our own pieces of paradise.  Thanks to Rob and Natasha for a great day and to everyone for making the visit such a success.

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So glad you did the video Mary-Ann.  I was really disappointed that I couldn't get there.

Wow Rob, the goat pens are great!

This was a bit spec!! Loved seeing the garden visit through video! Well done  

As an aside, I have posted a video where I mention how you helped me solve the greatest Kumquat mystery of all time. 

Terrific video Colin :) A very unique way of recording the GV giving a real feel for being there. Thank you to Mary-Ann for writing up the report. Well done both of you!

Again, thank you to Tash and Rob, Claudia and Caitlin for having us over to visit. No one wanted to leave on the day. Thank you to everyone who brought along all the gorgeous home made/home grown food and drinks for the table and to everyone who brought goodies along for the share table. Exceptional.

Other comments made by members about the GV:

Comment by Dianne Caswell 12 hours ago

What a wonderful day, the weather was kind to us and the drive to the Samford Valley was a bonus.

Thank You so much Rob, Tash and the Girls for a fun GV. Your gardens are so productive and the " Jade Perch " a lovely surprise. I can't wait to get my plants in and have an even wider selection of Greens to choose from, a big thankyou. 

Thank You also to all BLF Members and Friends for coming along and bringing such wonderful Produce, Seeds, Cuttings and not mention the wonderful Morning Tea.

Comment by Susan 13 hours ago

I'll add my thanks.  James, i cracked that bottle of wine last night.  It was great!

Comment by Sophie 14 hours ago
Thanks Rob and Natasha, it was such a pleasure!
Comment by DARREN JAMES 15 hours ago

Excellent day great hosts ,garden, food and company . Always nice to catch up with everyone and also to meet new members

Comment by Lissa 15 hours ago

James, your wines are truly incredible. That mulberry tasted like a fine dry red to my poor palate.

Comment by James Rosenlund 19 hours ago

Thanks so much  Rob and Tash for a wonderful day, I second the raves of everyone else  Christine and I enjoyed a full day of socializing. We thoroughly enjoyed the " Jade Perch " and your amazing garden was an inspiration.

I was so pleased to receive some cherished feedback about my wines.

Comment by Roger Clark 19 hours ago

Thanks Rob abs Natasha for a great day of sharing from all present. We really enjoyed the tours, talks, food, friendliness, and generosity. Now I must go and plant everything.

Comment by CHERYL SLAPP 23 hours ago

What a wonderful day, great hosts, great weather, great company, fantastic swap table and the food supplied by everyone was mouth watering - not to mention how we all enjoyed the fish lovingly prepared by Rob and Tash.  Many thanks guys for a wonderful morning which stretched into the afternoon - no-one really wanted t leave.

Comment by Lissa yesterday

The GV was the epitome of good company and sharing of produce and knowledge. Truly excellent :) Thank you so much to Tash and Rob for inviting us.

Comment by Rob Collings yesterday

Thanks for everyone for making today's GV very enjoyable.

The swap and food tables were just fantastic! Conversations, knowledge sharing and enthusiasm were at their BLF best, thanks again everyone.

Take your time with the report, mystery new member :)   ..... Last year, I found it daunting and time consuming the first (and only) time I filed one :)

Thanks so much Mary-Ann for writing up the report this month, thank you for accepting my on the spot request. Your report was a wonderful way to start our day, and the video, what a bonus. Thank you so much Colin, you are welcome to take your camera along anytime.

The video showed just what a wonderful day was had by all.

Thanks Rob and Natasha for letting us all see your garden.  The triangular frame is something I'll definitely copy - like many of the best ideas, it is so simple once you see it. Great video.

Please come back later as we have photos to post.

That's great - I'll update the header when the photos come up. 

Thank you for such a lovely review Mary-Ann, and both you and Colin for the visit video. Natasha and I enjoyed the day very much thanks to everyone's wonderful company, food and generosity. It was delightful to see so many people chatting happy together. Awesome day!

The Report looks great with the photos added is a welcome bonus. Thanks very much Mary-Ann for the Report on Rob and Natasha's Garden a wonderful pictorial view of the garden.

Thanks for twice the effort Mary-Ann! The report looks great.

Dianne, the cheese is delicious! an amazing taste of lemon. A very lemon cheese cake in texture and taste ... (is that actually a feta?). It complemented the coffee and Jame's cranberry hibiscus jam very nicely.


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