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Thank-You so much Gayle for inviting us into your home and garden today, you were a wonderful host, we all felt most welcome. Thank You Gayle these are the Flowers I left on the Sink at Home.

We had a lovely spread for Morning Teas, Homemade dips, a lovely Turmeric infused with Cumin, a Pumpkin Dip, Homemade Labna w/ Sweet Chilli Jam and one with Dukkah, there were slices & cakes etc. Thank-You everyone you always do us proud. The Swap Table was filled with cuttings, fruit, books, seeds and more. James had on offer a sampling of the many ways he turns his Chokos into delectable delights, Fo-Pears, Fo-Candied Ginger, Pickled Chokos and More.

James Demonstrating the Latest Dance Craze

The day started off a little overcast and cool though it did soon warm up whilst we were there. We enjoyed our tour around the garden. Gayle has been very busy, especially since having to remove the retaining wall at the back of the property as there is a new development going on where the farm was. So there are ongoing changes happening. You will find many Fruit Trees, Fig, Miracle Fruit, and a Lemon Tree laden with fruit. Salad Greens grow happily amongst the Herbs and Assorted Vegetables.

Gayle Showing us around the Garden and Giving us an Informative Narrative.

Lemon Tree, Very Pretty

Everyone Listening so Intently.

All manner of Native animals enjoy the Garden, the Ringtail Possums doing the selective pruning of the highest trees and bushes. Bluetongues and other lizards enjoy the sanctuary of the areas in the leaf litter under the trees. There are Swallows nesting and other birds enjoy visiting the leafy branches of the trees.

Potted Colour to Brighten up Winter

In the Shadiest part of the garden Maidenhair and others ferns thrive. The pond has higher plantings around it so as to deter Toads from taking a bath. Native Fish live in amongst the very healthy pond plants eg (Water Chestnuts).

Pond with Higher Plants Around the Base in Garden to Deter Toads from Having a Swim.

Thanks Again to Everyone, so this has taken so long to get on the Site but can you believe it I lost the Site about 5 times, and 5 times I had to redo the photos, luckily I had saved the text on Word.

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That's a clever idea Gayle.

Why not contact the guy in Perth and ask his advice about someone in Qld? He may know somebody.

I found a deck company website a couple of days ago that said they've done a few decks over pools.  I'll see if there is anyone at the Nambour garden show and if not start hunting around.  It needs a company that can organise proper plans and council approval.

Gayle... I chanced upon this little video about a biology professor who has converted his pool to a pond which looks amazing.  Would look gorgeous in your yard!

Do you need approval for a deck.

I have found a company that does underground concrete tanks - and they put concrete lids on pools and convert them to tanks. You then have the option of covering with a deck or whatever if you don't want a big slab of concrete in the garden.

Organising quotes now so will let you all know how it goes. 
Yes, it will all need to be properly engineered and approved. 

I've seen the pool to big pond idea.  Looks appealing but we would still have to have pool fences and try to make sure it doesn't become toad paradise.

I was lucky enough to get an Aloe Vera Plant at Gayle's GV, and how lucky am I, well I burned my hand a beauty tonight, forgot I didn't have an oven mitt on and grabbed the tray in an oven that was on 250 so I rushed for the Aloe Vera and it has worked a treat, hate to think what it would have looked like if I hadn't.

So you see you never know what you are going to take home from a GV and will find useful.

Very good.  I find it great for ant bites and wasp stings as well.


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