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What a really wet day for a garden visit.  I think a lot of us were sensible and stayed home which was good because intermittent showers sent us cowering for cover under the small Marquee (spelling correction thanks Elaine)  but most of us gardeners are thinkers; we all came mostly dressed for the weather but I think Valerie would win the best dressed for a wet day award.

Next to the Marquee, rambling over a garden shed and Moringa tree, was Sophie's very prolific choko bush. 

Beside that was the pumpkin patch which has been going for 2 yrs and some broad beans - look, some are even in flower.

I sure do hope Sophie and Frank like eggplant - many eggplants around the place :)  Black and Red varieties.

Sophie's decorative touches are apparent around the yard.  A very pretty sweet potato patch and the front garden (pineapples, cumquat trees and olive treesAnd look what I spied when I was walking around.

A lot of fruit trees still in pots (I spied an avocado, sapote, mango, lychee to name a few and a whole bunch with no labels on them) as Sophie and Frank are still indecisive about final garden plans.  When they get planted out, they'll have a veritable forest of edibles.  A little peach is flowering and PawPaws with passionfruit in the background are planted out though.

Banana's starting, planted on mounds.

It was also Graham's and Dianne's 40th anniversary and so Sophie baked them this beautiful cake!

We also got to try Sophie's delicious sourdough bread and blue cheese she made under Dianne's tutelage.

The swap table.  Thanks for the oranges Darryl, I made juice when I got home. 

Last but not least, I'll leave you with a picture of her beautiful flowers. Those salvias should be in everyone's gardens.

Thankyou for the great garden visit despite the rain.  :)

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Yes, thanks Dianne for tool maintanence talk. For those who were unable to attend, take home messages for me:
1. Good tools are worth it; but you have to look after them & they will last several lifetimes

2. Every part of Felco secateurs are replaceable. Make sure you reorder the right size! You can sharpen with wet stone and/or get new blades. 

3. Clean blades after use - wipe them clean (potentially with metho) but then don't forget to oil. White oil is ok (not WD40, as not food safe?). If cutting sticky sap be extra diligent with cleaning.

4. Look after wooden handles by applying Linseed (flaxseed) oil every now and then. Do not let dirt stay on it as will deteriorate the wood

5. Nose ends do not go on the ground as this is a sure bet for spreading disease. Do wind up your hose and be careful if dragging through contaminated areas.

Not only will this help make tools last (for the next generation) it should reduce cross contamination in your garden and others. 

Good to see you took all this in Sophie, now we all just need to put into practice even if it is only a little.

Looks amazing

Thank you Susan for the report. I am glad we cruised ahead in the rain, was well worth it :) 

Hi all.


I enjoyed my first garden visit, and I will go to more in the future.

On the swap table, behind the oranges is a branch with lots of leaves, what is it. Can I grow it from cuttings?

Thank you all for a very friendly morning.





Hi Darryl, It was nice to meet you, our GV's are always a friendly, fun, informative affair.

I a pretty sure the Leaves you are referring to are from the Curry Leaf Tree, Murraya koenigii a Sub-Tropical tree from Sri Lanka. I have some trees that have self-seeded in my tree's pot if you would like them, but word of warning, plant them in a pot unless you want them to sucker.

The Curry Leaves you have can be used in Curries and they are great shallow fried till crisp, eaten whole or crushed over meals. You would probably find a few recipes on the internet using them.

I am pretty sure Darren took those Leaves along, I am hoping he or someone else will correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks so much for the Oranges they were lovely and juicy.

Yes Daryl if they are very pungent then they would be the ones I took along and also stunk out Dianne and Grahams  car with lol.I have the same plant already growing in pots your welcome to ,catch up at the next  visit.

Someone brought some little plastic (some black some brown)pots with seedlings in them - was hoping for an id. Susan or Roger maybe, passionfruit ? I thought they were peppers so stuck in ground but realised might be a vine in which case in the wrong spot! Thanks
Hey Sophie, I was one of the last to leave and there were a couple of pots still there that Susan had brought. One was a chilli pepper of some sort and the other was perennial capsicum. I also picked up one of the capsicums and had a conversation with Susan about it. Hopefully that's what you planted!


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