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What a really wet day for a garden visit.  I think a lot of us were sensible and stayed home which was good because intermittent showers sent us cowering for cover under the small Marquee (spelling correction thanks Elaine)  but most of us gardeners are thinkers; we all came mostly dressed for the weather but I think Valerie would win the best dressed for a wet day award.

Next to the Marquee, rambling over a garden shed and Moringa tree, was Sophie's very prolific choko bush. 

Beside that was the pumpkin patch which has been going for 2 yrs and some broad beans - look, some are even in flower.

I sure do hope Sophie and Frank like eggplant - many eggplants around the place :)  Black and Red varieties.

Sophie's decorative touches are apparent around the yard.  A very pretty sweet potato patch and the front garden (pineapples, cumquat trees and olive treesAnd look what I spied when I was walking around.

A lot of fruit trees still in pots (I spied an avocado, sapote, mango, lychee to name a few and a whole bunch with no labels on them) as Sophie and Frank are still indecisive about final garden plans.  When they get planted out, they'll have a veritable forest of edibles.  A little peach is flowering and PawPaws with passionfruit in the background are planted out though.

Banana's starting, planted on mounds.

It was also Graham's and Dianne's 40th anniversary and so Sophie baked them this beautiful cake!

We also got to try Sophie's delicious sourdough bread and blue cheese she made under Dianne's tutelage.

The swap table.  Thanks for the oranges Darryl, I made juice when I got home. 

Last but not least, I'll leave you with a picture of her beautiful flowers. Those salvias should be in everyone's gardens.

Thankyou for the great garden visit despite the rain.  :)

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Sorry to have missed it. 

Thank you for the report and pix, Susan ... it looks wonderful! The cake is a triumph!

Thank You Susan for the lovely pics and commentary of the day, we can always count on you.

Thanks so Much Sophie we all had a fantastic day despite the weather. When Sophie mentioned having her GV date on this day, I mentioned that it was our 40th Anniversary, well I never imagined that a Delicious Lemon Cake was being made, and thanks guys for the Jeffrey Hodges book that we will receive at Flaxton at Jeffrey's GV.

A very big Thank You to  Sophie for hosting us today. I love what you have done in the garden Sophie, it's a little on the Wild Side just how I like gardens to be, I can't wait to see this garden mature. The touches of flowers throughout added a sparkle on this gloomy day. No one let the rain upset the day, we went out to the garden in between rain falls and drank coffee and snacked while the rain pelted down. There was lots of fun and laughter.

A big thank you to all our members for braving the weather and providing such a wonderful Swap Table, without you there would be no GV's. We have decided that Sophie must have another GV next year to bring on the rain. See you all at the next GV, Happy Gardening.

Lovely :) Glad you had a good time.

What a lovely cake you baked Sophie, it was kind of you to do so.  I wish I could grow a decent choko vine like yours, mine is like a dried up string. Looks like a good sweet potato crop there as well.  

We got 58 ml of rain so hopefully will help in the garden.   

I really enjoyed today. The advantage of the smaller group is that you get to talk to everyone.  I'm loving what you have achieved Sophie (and Franc). It's great that you are prepared to experiment and that you're happily adopting the Do/Make it yourselves approach.  Nice to meet Darryl, as well as touch base with old mates.  I've never seen a group of people so happy to be sheltering out of the rain.  LOL - darn crazy gardeners!

How remiss of me leaving the man of the house out of my Thank You's. Thanks so much Frauck, we really enjoyed your hospitality, hosting a GV can be a daunting task, all those Crazy Gardeners tramping all over the yard, especially when there has been a downpour. 

Graham and I love what you both have done with the houses and properties, oh to be young again and have dreams.

What!you mean it rained ? couldnt get my snout away from Dianne and Sophies blue cheese and sourdough not to mention the pate long enough to really was another great day bugger the rain.Sophie and Frank wont starve with all the produce they have,sweet potatatoe growing everywhere with such beautiful variety and colours,pumpkin vines growing 3 km,s down the road ,eggplants,tomatoes ,pineapples,chokos,passionfruit plus all the rest and  grown by a real nice couple.Adding to this we were able to share another great couples anniversary.Rain !what rain.?

Hahaha thanks everyone!! Would you believe I woke up in the middle of the night in a lurch - 'Oh I didn't try Brenda and Roger's Pate!' I think it disappeared pretty quick. Glad you all enjoyed :)

I loved the Pate' too and yes it did disappear quickly, that's a hint to make a bigger one next time.

looks awesome and fun - so sorry we missed another great day ! 

We were singing in the rain!! What a great day for gardeners, accompanied by not only some great company, but as usual, lovely food, and an interesting canvas in the French enclave for what already is, and is increasingly going to be, a very productive area. Already Sophie and Franck have a large array of food and decorative plantings. Their heavy clay soil provides some extra challenges, but these are being met enthusiastically. The friendly group of rain sodden BLFers were treated to an interesting talk on tool maintenance by Dianne, although yours truly tried to shrink into the background as it became more and more apparent that he needs to up his game considerably in this area.

A lovely cake made by Sophie ensured that we celebrated Graham and Dianne's Anniversary in style. Thanks to everyone for contributing so well to a very good garden visit. 


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