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What a beautiful day, we couldn't have asked for more. We had a lovely breeze up on the hill at McDowall Manor, the home of Andy, Roz, the Dogs, Chickens, Quails, Sea Perch and Native Bees. Thank You so much Andy and Roz for such a memorable day. As usual it was a relaxed morning filled with lots of fun, laughter and talk going on.

As usual the Morning Tea Table was filled with Delectable Delights. Susan bought her Banana Spring Rolls along and they were quickly snapped up. Andy had made a Pesto using Greens from the garden - Kang Kong, Betel Leaf and Sweet Potato Leaf. He had also made some lovely Feta with his students in his Cheese Making Class. There was Andy's liqueurs, Ginger Beer and Juices, as well as Rob's famous Davidson Plum Drink. Prem had some tasty Fritters made with a Chick Pea Flour. and it was today that I choose to crack open Two of my 2 year old Cheeses, being a Romano and an Aged Cheddar. And then there was more and more..... 

The Swap Table was full as usual with lots of Goodies. There was a good supply of Susan's Bananas, Mary-Ann and Colin's Pumpkins, Vegetable Seeds and Potted Plants to name a few.

We ventured through to the back garden where we were able to see just how handy Andy really is, there were seats to sit on, raised beds and lattice trellises for his very healthy Muascadine Grapes which are in fruit.

There are an abundance of Citrus Trees, Lime, Lemon, Lemonade Tree and Many Kumquat Trees which are used to make liqueurs and marmalade.

An espaliered Feijoa Tree shares the bed with Curry Bush, Basil and a lovely Iceberg Climbing Rose which is in Flower. I am hoping someone may have taken a photo. 

Here stands Andy in front of the Hen House which is a converted dog house, Roz has showed her skills as an Artist on the outside. The side of the house lifts up for easy cleaning. These are very spoiled Girls.

This is the front of the area where the Aquaponics Tank is housed. You will find Jade Perch almost ready for eating. If you have photos of this set up, please include in your comments. The Photo above shows many of the water loving plants and below the plants is a cupboard that lifts up and stores yard equipment.

This side of the house was filled with Vegies, Herbs, Betel Leaf, Cherry Tomatoes, Passion Fruit, Bananas and Much More

Thank You again to our Hosts Andy and Roz and to our wonderful Members who without you these days would not come about. It was a pleasure to meet Farina and Thank You Farina for the donated Lucky Door Prizes. Also to Andy and the Elaine's for their donations

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Welcome to 3 of our new Members who attended the GV today, Perm and Robyn. Peggy traveled down from Toowoomba to be with us, we look forward to a visit during Carnival of Flowers.  

Thanks Dianne.  Thank you also for stepping up to fill Lissa's huge boots with the garden visit organising - I don't know how you do it. 

It was a lovely morning, filled with happy, friendly company and some amazing home made fare.  What more could you ask for?!

What a wonderful day you all had. Always good to hear new faces can come along. 

I will see you in the New Year! I've missed two visits in a row now and am having withdrawal symptoms!

Had some of Mary-Anne's pumpkin last night roasted. Delicious!!

glad you liked it Susan - they have been a great sucess and now we are getting awesome fruit from your melon and squash seeds ! really doing well ! thanks ! its great to have the house all cleaned and now can enjoy the school holidays - you have some fun ! 

great day thanks Andy and Roz awesome set up you have good company insiring food and good weather and a awe inspiring garden what else could we want - oh exciting lucky door prizes and secret santa ! what a wonderful day and great report DIanne and great photos Grahame ! hope you had a great birthday ! -after the garden walk found  more inspiration ( aquaponics and orchard garden ) just need the time - the holidays will go so fast and the school year will be here again ! 

Yep had a great day Andy and Roz with all our blf mates and some new members.I Went home with a full belly ,more great recipe ideas,a little quail ,thank you and won a door prize.Once getting home I then bought a lotto ticket just in case my luck was still with me lol.Thanks again everyone who attended and have a merry xmas.

Sorry I couldn't make it to a fabulous GV.

Wow, looks wonderful. I love reading about the garden visits. I am in the process of moving but am looking forward to joining these events in the near future.


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