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For those of you who were not at the xmas party - we missed you so much – it was a wonderful day – the weather was warm – not too hot – the drinks were cold the food was great the talk was intense and heartwarming. We swapped presents, hints and plants while enjoying morning tea After the garden walk we had sausages salads and for those who stayed on more visitors another quick garden tour and home made icecream ! Col took everyone on a tour of his beloved orchard – all 258 trees – many unusual tropical and subtropical fruits , Kai Muk, Kei apple, Ceylon Hill cherries, peanut butter tree, Davison Plums Burdekin Plums etc etc … and just 5 citrus that were here when we arrived … he is developing understorey companion planting for fly protection – along with 56 banana, beer dregs and vegemite fly traps hanging around the proper

ty – we planted some yellow and some blue because the experts differ on which one is most attractive to fruit fly – we grow comfrey, tansey, citronella geraniums , marigolds , borage, pyrethrum daisy, lavender etc as part of the pest management strategy . As we get more cardboard we will fill in the between the trees so its easier to mow , with a layer of cardboard and then thick layers of mulch ….. then plant the companion plants between. Then onto the food forst that is still being developed with upper storey mid storey and lower storey food plants , yams, sweet potatoes, popcorn acacia, pigeon peas pinto peanuts pineapples etc etc . This was followed by a walk between the trellises of cucmber ( 5 sorts ) gourds, melons and squash ( including cilachyote and cucmelons, new guinea beans trombocinos spaghettis squash and calabash) with grapes ( 5 varieties most for Cols wine making) and 3 different passionfruit filling the third trellis. Then past the chook tractor and temporary chook pen to the dragonfruit ( yellow and white) trellis and climbing beans, pepinos and warrigal greens , further to the right are the Peruvian apples, yucon sweet potatoes and about 50 more pieapples , pink and one struggling purple dragon fruit … We found two dragon fruit flowers … to the left were 5 composting heaps 2 with tumblers above for drowning fruit dropped from trees that may contain fruit fly ! The greenhouse houses tomatoes, cape gooseberries and braccassias that require covering from pests ! there are ten diferent types of strawberries growing in wicking trays including pineberry , alpine and purple wonder Then we walked past ten different shaped and size raised vegetable beds containing the usual beans, potatoes, chai, amaranth, sweet corn , rock melons and watermelons and some self seeded pumpkins and tomatoes that arrived with the cow manure ! t

hen on down the hill past the asparagus bathtub and red and green Malabar spinach okanowa spinach , trellis of Madagascar and new guinea bean, sword bean and bettoli beans, walking cabbage, Ethiopian cabbage and perpetual spinach are all mixed with egg plants, flowers and more fruit trees- tropical peach donut peach persimmons and lime mandarins! Below this are 20 pawpaws, bananas, more pineapples rosellas and monsterios . then down the hill to the strawberry patch , mangel wurtzles and bush squash – zucchinis and button squash, more egg plants and then the pumpkin watermelon and roc

k melon wild woods !!! Further around the 265, 000 litre water tank is the next chook house, the granadilla vines, the cow poo tea drums and th potting tables where many cuttings are struck – both edibles and floral ! past the herb garden and on the other

 side of the shed is the blackberry loganberry silvan berry etc etc patch leading to the blueberries kiwi berries, guavas, guasarios, kiwi fruit chokos, passionfruit rasberries, elderflowers,spaghetti squash and many other vines  and fruit trees that line the road to the house !

Part of the orchard 

The three trellises 

peruvian apples , strawberries pepinos 

Compost bins 

rotating compost bins for fly blown fruit - they contain water for drowning maggots 


the vanilla is doing well in the greenhouse

- the greenhouse garden beds and the bare patch is where the white house was pre storm ! 

Another col project - vegie garden beds with left over roofing iron pawpaws - you can see the tops were lost in the storm - should be rosellas, bananas gandadilla monsterio and rockmelon water melon growing in there ! 

three extra solar panels for the aquaponics set up in the green house ‘ along with the electronic controlled watering system – works in progress

the blueberry hedge in progress with tea , peanut trees rasberries etc further down the hill 

the berry patch with Mulberry and Midgenberry in background 

the herb garden 

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okay you BING savy people the photos are in the attachment - no way could I get them into the document !!!! sorry please feel free to enbed them someone ! 

Mary-Ann, you just add the pix one by one either within the text or at the end or beginning. If any one of us do it, it will be within our reply rather than within your own text.

See here: 

that's the top of the text box. Second from left if button for pix. Hover mouse over it and 'image' pops up to tell you that's the button to use for this job.

Just hit the button, you'll get a window to navigate to where the pix are on your computer. Choose 'Options' drop down menu to 'edit post'. Pick them one at a time if you want to add them within your text (find the place in your text and click to have mouse at that point).  Or if you want to add the pix all in one go, after you select 'image' button, navigate to your pix then select them all and hit 'upload' and Bob's your Uncle. Then hit 'save' and they will magically appear in your post!

I note the pix are all on a document rather than as individual pictures. A major editing job to separate them. Suggest you upload the pix to BLF one at a time from your computer direct rather than from a document as described. Docx is not a usual format for photos, usually they are individually .jpegs or .png and that way they are straightforward to upload individually. The simplest way for me would be to screenshot each page and add it as a 'reply'. Only the original poster can modify the original text.

Elaine will give it another go - haha sat down and spent a lot of time making them into a doc so i could attach them altogether !!!! now I will unpick it - well when i get some time wont be before wednesday this is the last free time I have until next week ! hope you can see them before then ! 

got most done just not Susans embedded 

Yes I have the doc open and can see all the pix. But so much simpler and looks good too, to have the pix close by any descriptive text or all down the end with individual captions.

just cant seem to embed Susans which is why I createdthe doc in the forst place - ours would go in no probs ... will work on it again later !

Weirdly, Ning seems to set a limit to the number of photos in a post at any one time. Work around is to 'publish' then 'edit' to add more.

You've staged an amazing recovery Mary-Ann and Col.  Sterling job 'ol chapies!

Well done, Mary-Ann! You can rotate any sideways pix before you upload them or modify them after you've uploaded.

What a wonderful, wonderful Orchard, Vegetable and Herb Gardens you and Col have created. You should give yourselves a big pat on the back for the thoughtful and innovative design and layout of the entire project. I can see you coming to a stage where you will not have to buy in a thing. I am so sorry that I missed the GV, I would loved to be there but I will catch up with you in your garden as soon as my operation is over and I need a Grand Place to recuperate, it is scheduled early New Year.  

Everything is looking great, you have done a lot of work to recover as much as you have.  There is lots of growth in the orchard since I was there last.  Hopefully I will get to your next GV.  Merry Christmas to you and Col


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