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This bright and beautiful Sunday morning saw 7-8 BLFers join the Elaines in their attractive and  productive garden in Deception Bay.

 After a delicious morning tea featuring the promised vanilla slice with passionfruit icing made by Dianne we wandered around the garden visiting bed after bed of thriving plants.

Elaine described her process for building the wicking beds as creating a base of about 15cms of inexpensive potting mix in a container with a weep hole drilled into the side of the container at about that height. Above that she layers compost (bought or made) more potting mix, moistened coir both coarse and light, and manure. Some containers have been made by using a garden edging inside which black plastic has been placed, with a few slits to allow for drainage of excess water.  Most of the wicking beds have been planted up with a mix of annual and perennial edible plants, ground covers and fruit trees.

As we walked around, gardening information and advice was shared on subjects like mound gardening, uses for weeds, how to prune fruit trees, the benefits of shading (or not) certain plants etc.

I think everyone left with seeds or cuttings, including more of Elaine’s bountiful comfrey, and gorgeous pumpkin which had been shared by one of the ladies who joined the GV on Friday.

In the short time I have known her, Elaine (in response to my various gardening questions) has exhorted me several times to ‘give it a go and see what happens.’ This is clearly the way the Elaines live and garden - and what’s ‘happened’ is the creation of a lovely, productive and edible garden that is a pleasure to visit.

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Well folks, my first report is up.  I trust you will excuse the formatting as I have had several technical difficulties this evening. I was challenged with captions etc so I hope the others who joined me today can chime in and add details.  Thanks everyone!

Nice report and lovely pictures Cathie.

Wish I could have made either day Elaine, your beds are looking lovely and healthy.

Stirling report Cathie!  

I would also have loved to have been there.  The Abbey Medieval Festival was an annual commitment.  

Thank you everyone for coming. It is quite a hike to DBay especially for some of you! We are both chuffed that friends both newer and older made the journey.

Cathie, it's a lovely report and beaut pix :-) You've got yourself a job ;-) The pay is lousy but the hours and company are great.

Dianne brought us these from her garden:

We had a wonderful day on Friday with Susan and a neighbour joining us to sit in the sun and talk gardening for 2 hours. Only gardeners can appreciate how good it is to swap experiences, cuttings and seeds.

Thank you Lyn for cutting up Susan's Jap Pumpkin; all of us are going to have some tasty Pumpkin soup or Pumpkin tart.

We love having other gardeners over for a couple of hours of intense garden talk. We've decided to just concentrate on the Sunday and move our visit to September/October avoiding school holidays (duh!) and the Tournament (duh!).

That's a terrific report Cathie, well done :) 

Looks like you all had a great day together checking out the Elaines' garden which as usual is looking healthy and productive.

I spent my morning at the Inflatable Factory at Genesis College with my grandson, daughter and her fiancee. Very amusing. I tried to sneak in to the garden enclosure while I was there, full of raised beds, but I was caught and reprimanded (gently) by the Ag teacher Amy. I've given Amy info about BLF and she will check us out for possible benefit to her gardening students. They also have their own bees both native and honey, goats, sheep.

Wonderful Report Cathie, your words and photos really captured the essence of the morning. I hope everyone I have asked to do the Report has enjoyed it as my aim is to get as many people involved in the outing as would like too. Thank you again Cathie, and so sorry you had problems with the computer on you first time of doing the report.

Thank You too to both Elaine's for inviting us into you garden. The weather was good to us and it was as perfect a Winter's sunny day as you could get and the company was enjoyable with many a gardening a tale to be told. The Elaine's have been so busy in the garden and everything is looking lush and I am sure much produce will come forth as the weather warms up and Spring arrives.

Happy Birthday for today Elaine, Monday 11th July. May you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great report.  Shame it was on the same week-end as Nambour Garden Expo as I was committed for the week-end.  It has been a while since I was at this productive DB garden and sorry I missed catching up with you Elaine and checking out all your plantings - looks very healthy and productive.

Well done Cathie on a comprehensive report. The photos captured the spirit of camaraderie and sharing that always marks our GV visits. Thanks to Elaine and Elaine for their hospitality. Dianne's slice was great on a winters day that was warm in the sun, if only the weather was like that all year. The generosity of everyone via the swap table was as usual very commendable. Cathie's organisation in labelling and gifting was to be envied, especially when compared to my pot of "Coriander" that turned out to be Parsley! A little more time spent preparing would have seen me pick out some of the thirty or so Coriander seedlings and none of the 4 rogue Parsley that "volunteered" in the same bed. The raiding of one of the Comfrey beds was a testament to just how productive the beds were. Everyone wanted some to take home.  

Thanks Cathie, for putting our visit into words and pictures, a great job done. Credit must go to both Elaines for sharing their garden and also their gardening hints, We have noticed a lot of work done in this productive garden through the winter months, not bad for a couple of our seniors gardeners. We all went home happy.

I notice that Elaine you would like to have your GV in September or October next year. To those that are interested in sharing your garden with us, no matter how big, how little, how young, how old or how pretty it might be to you, we would still love to visit. So as I am taking dates for next year you might like to get in early with a month and we will sort the actual dates out next year. We would love to see some gardens that we haven't seen before so please get in early so you don't miss your preferred month.

OK: September just have to check with school holidays before making a definite date. However … am happy to see gardens which are new to us.

Earlier on when Donna was the convenor, she tried to make it so that there was a south-side alternating with a north-side. Don't know how practical that was, depends on the offers.

September is not set in stone if we need to be flexible we can be.

Thank you so much Elaine and Elaine for the opportunity to visit your wonderful garden last Friday.  The comfrey, lucerne, leek, sugar cane cuttings have all been planted and are all very much appreciated.  Thanks again.


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