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Another wonderful BLF GV at Susan's. It was good to be able to see the changes in the seasons and even just over the last 5-6 months since the last visit. Notably, the pecan has leaves!!! I have to say, I was a skeptic that that twig was going to grow, but it was wonderful! (Below, front right). Below is the verge giving on to the Park. Complete with rambling pumpkin vine (potkin?). Susan is frustrating that she has had only one fruit to eat but is happy to leave it as ground cover to protect some of the other more fragile plants (around the corner) that receive harsh sun. 

The other notable standout for me was the Panama berry tree - how it has GROWN!!!!!! Incredible!??!! Tripled in size in 6 months???????? (Below, at the back - I think the one at the front is Saba nut or malabar chestnut or is that the same thing? (sorry!)

pretty verge

Another incredible edible was the RIDICULOUSLY HUGE passionfruit (red) vine that has completely covered some very very large trees! The photo below doesnt even capture it ! It was too big to fit in the shot ahah. Just imagine the gum tree in the back covered in passionfruit, and that's Susan's... lol

Inside, Susan showed us her mother in law's Banana Spring Rolls Recipe. Only takes a few minutes to make and seconds to disappear! I am actually salivating now - so fresh and crispy, salty and sweet - Addictive!

And Susan's got Bananas :) 'dwarf' she reckons ;)

Also pawpaws, strawberries, stonefruit multigrafts, apple trees, citrus galore, pineapples, herbs, climbing spinach, pretty flowers for the bugs and bees and lush lettuce! All just in the front garden - fenced in from the chooks/dog. A little sad to not see the monster roses but their removal definitely frees up the areas and leaves a lot more space for light and importantly, more planting!!

Another great surprise was the Ginger harvest - just a piece of ginger in a pot of Searles, should have got the scales out! Susan generously shared out her fresh fresh ginger, smells devine

Time to snap the huge tromboncino! 

Swap table!

The group

Dianne's bouquet

The bees

The productive back paddock:

Peas bed

things fit in where they can

netting saves the day over the brassicas

Pretty heirloom di Lista eggplant


Carrots growing well under the shady thin net

Susan took out some palings to let more light in!

Side garden, nice retreat with Asparagus, Raspberries, ginger and conveniently stake sized bamboo :)

That's it from me, enjoy! Thanks again Susan and family for your hospitality and Dianne for organising.

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Great Report Sophie, I knew I could count on you. The photos are wonderful, a Pictorial Garden Visit, I am sure those who could not attend will appreciate this. The photos show how Susan's Garden has matured over the last 6 months.

Thank you Susan for again inviting us into your home and garden for a most enjoyable GV. Your garden is truly a credit to you. You work a fulltime job and still can provide your family with most of your Fruit and Vegetable needs.

It was lovely to see so many New Members and the children who came along with their parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially when the Banana Spring Rolls were made.

Thank You to all our Members for coming along and for your contributions to the Swap Table. Without you their would be no GV's.

I really enjoyed the visit.  It was so nice to catch up with old friends and new faces.  Great report Sophie. 

Its always good to go to Sues and see her  great garden,the bananas plants are beginning to feel like old friends .Great day had by all ,We had Sue in the masterchef kitchen ,Cathies seedlings, a wonderful share table and  not forgetting our clothed nude gardening rep lol .It was nice to see some new faces and have a good old chat .Thanks again Sue

Yes, Another great garden visit. Susan as always seems to be able to grow everything very well. In an average sized garden she has anything but an average output of fruit and veges. A great example of what can be done with a lot of hard work added to a good degree of ingenuity. 

It was also very good to see both new and returning members there for a chat and a cuppa. The marquee in the backyard was a great idea Susan. Trouble was it was hard to leave as we were so comfortable.

Thanks again for a very worthwhile visit. Well done Sophie for your comprehensive report.  

Very nice report Sophie and thanks Susan for your terrific garden tour and hospitality. What a productive garden! It was really nice to meet some new (to me) people as well.

Great photos, looks such a wonderful garden


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