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Big thank you to Valerie for having us visit today.

Oh dear. Three of us usually bring cameras to take photos but the Elaines' and Andy couldn't come in the end and I forgot to pack mine.

Valerie - a little unusual but would you be able to take a few photos of your own garden please! If you post them here I can write up a report to go with it.

Valerie, Rhys and their boys are all keen gardeners and very serious about self reliance and sustainability. I'm always astounded by how much they have fitted into their small space, let alone having a chicken coop and Mr & Mrs quail in the yard as well.

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Many thanks for having me at your GV today and also great to see the Thermomix in action.

Thanks so much Valerie for a truly lovely morning tea and just love your pumpkin patch, I finally found somewhere to grow some so I hope I am as successful as you. I only wish Graham would let me have some little fluffy friends but he is worried I might not be able to care for them in the future with my illness, I guess he is being practical.

The company was lovely too and the butter demo a bonus, tasted beautiful, better than store bought.

Hope to catch up at the next GV...Dianne

Thanks Valerie for the wonderful morning. It is so good to converse with like minded folk.
I was impressed with your vision for your garden and the backbone already in place, the space is well utilised.
I must admit that I now have the worst case of passionfruit envy known to man or woman :)

Vying with me for Passionfruit envy Susanne ;-) Ate a red Panama some kind member put on the swap table a few GVs ago now. Finally bought a plant and keen to get it into the ground.

Thanks for hosting the GV Valerie and great to finally place some faces to names. I look forward to the next GV.

I'm REALLY  sorry I couldn't get there.   Maybe some time we can talk by private message and I'll get to enjoy your yard Valerie. Trust me, I would love to see it.  

Here are some belated picture of the garden as well as the butter we made. More coming...

Valerie, can you put a few more up so that I can update the banner please?  We are still on Christmas!  Gotta sack that bloke that does the banners. 

The multi graft citrus trees

The chook pen with wicking hanging baskets and the pumpkin vine jungle

First veggie bed with greens, and coffee tree. 

Lots of passion fruit this year. maybe I'll stop trimming it for a while.

Mini wicking bed, inspired by Elaine.

nursery for greens, inspired by Darryl. Works great for growing garden tools ;-)

Two of my beautiful ladies.

Since we set up the open-bottom compost, we've had our first crop of lychees in since the storm in 2008 and 2 lots of bananas. The compost is full of soldier flies larvae and the scraps seems to be composted in a matter of days. Lifting it revealed an abundance of big fat worms too.

Last but not least we made butter on the day.

The photos look great Valerie. How are the Pumpkins going? Are they still producing well? I finally found somewhere that I can plant them, so I am hoping they grow half as well as yours have, and I have never seen a Passionfruit vine growing in part shade before with such a bountiful harvest as yours before, you must have some kind of magic potion you are using.

Heh heh, I wouldn't ask about the magic potion especially with a house full of the other gender ;-)


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