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Dave has a fascinating garden in that he has learned by trial and error how to grow a productive food garden in the very sandy soil of Beachmere. Something not to be under rated.

Everywhere you look the garden is lush with ground and aerial plants of all sorts.

Unfortunately my camera batteries expired after 5 photos (I really did mean to grab some spares!). If anyone has more photos please send them to me and I will include them in this report.

Dave has recently focused on mounding and olla pots with great success. See his BLOGS for more information about how Dave goes about using these two methods so successfully.

Once again a really good roll up of members - over 20. Thank you to Dave for providing tea and coffee and to everyone who brought along food, drink and heaps of items for the share table.

I just love to look around and see all the animated conversations going on among members about subjects dear to our hearts. Family just don't understand!

Dianne (Caswell) provided an update of information about the trip to Daleys Fruit Nursery she is planning. Stay tuned for an Events listing outlining details and date.

Entrance to the growing area in Dave's backyard. Like walking into the magic garden.

Dave's wife Helen is a very talented mosaic artist and the yard is full of her decorative input.

This is the one and only shot of got off of plantings before the camera died.

Pigeon Pea, Yacon, Yams, Serpentine Gourd, Choko, Passionfruit, Dog Bane (used for mulch), Arrowroot, Brazilian, Surinam and Okinawa Spinach, Moringa, Jeruselum Artichoke just some of the plants growing.

You can make out the sub ground Olla pots by their economical second hand plate covers. Dave fills the Olla pots every four days or so with the hose.

Some of the happy attendees wending their way through the garden.

Thank you to everyone who attended. Ten of us went on to have another lovely chat over lunch at the Beach Shak on the waterfront where the sea breeze was appreciated.


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Below you will find  photos taken by Graham

Great Review of today's visit Lissa.

What a wonderful day out, great host and good company. The garden was brimming with life. The rain has come at the right time for all us gardeners and Dave's is no exception, with everything green and lush. This is a true Edible Garden. Dave has had to overcome poor soil (it is sand) by adding mountains of mulch and his years of hard work has been repaid. The Passionfruit Vine is something else, wish I had one like that. You are an inspiration Dave. 

Thanks for the extra pics Graham. Between the two of you you make a great reporter!

Daves is a very inspiring garden, even the footpath was a complimentary lush verdant oasis.

You only had to look at the parse grass struggling on the rest of the streets sandy footpath to see how much Dave has built his up.

As usual the swap table had something for everyone, Elaine sent me off home with a bag of her Chillis ... I think I heard a 'whisper' in the background of how much she enjoys Chilli jam ;)

Lunch was a continuation of the good conversation.

Loved the day, thank-you Dave.

Chilli jam a serious passion ;-)

We were surprised by Dave's garden and the methods used to convert his desert to an oasis, thank you Dave for sharing your abode and for the generosity of the people who shared their plants and cuttings and knowledge.  Our gardens will be greener for it.  Also thanks Lissa for the organising the group lunch.

Oh yes, the lunch! Delicious food and exceptional company! As noted elsewhere, without Ian and Graham's invaluable advice we would still be twiddling our thumbs without an internet connection.

We love Dave's garden, is really is a monument to experimentation and taking the best from traditional societies. Thank you for your hospitality, Dave :-)

I'm gunna try to beg Dave for a weekend visit sometime.  This is the second year that I've missed it. 

Thanks for sharing your nice and busy, productive garden Dave and thanks heaps for the huauzontle & apple berry seed. It was real nice to see and catch up with so many happy gardeners.

Always worthwhile to see gardens in person as you don't really get the 'full picture' or impression from photos. This is especially true for Dave's garden. Interestingly partitioned, chaotic and more edibles then you could poke a stick at.

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a great day I must say.

Olivia had a ball,  GV,swim, snacks and hot choc, what more can you pack into a Saturday. If I can make it work for a little girl and enjoy it myself that has to be a win win folks. Back to basic's for the kids to learn ,  ( and alot of adults in the world need to catch on) and we all move forward. Thankyou all.

Another very interesting garden visit for all who attended. It was good to see the mounds in action. I always learn something new on these visits, and will experiment with a section of my garden with the mounds and terracotta pots idea. This slow leaching of water from the porous pots into the surrounding soil might work well in parts of my garden as well. Thanks for all the takeaway seeds and plants to all who came. 

Comment by Nova & Carl Robertson 1 hour ago
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Thank you Dave, we had an enjoyable morning. Sorry we had to leave early but the little one was sleepy. It was a good insight into what can be done to over come sandy soil to achieve success.


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