Follow the calendar link below to check out where the group is visiting throughout the year or to choose a date for your own GV:

2022 Garden Visits Calendar


We're always looking for new gardens to visit. Don't be shy, it's easy and no one expects "perfection" (whatever that is) they just want somewhere to meet up and chat!

Please take a few moments to follow the link above and read the simple instructions in full.

Then contact Andy with the information needed. He will organise an Event Listing for your visit.


It's amazing what we can learn by visiting other peoples gardens. I know I pick up at least one good idea or plant each time.

You might be surprised at how keen other members are to visit your garden and see what you are growing, how your chooks / quails are kept, share their own excess produce, cuttings, seed and generally just have a good old chat with other like minded people.

Be brave!

The visits are informal and free. Choose to come to as many or few as you wish.

Andy's mobile number 0422 022 961 for emergencies.


Anyone is welcome to post and organise their own Events of any kind - in fact it is encouraged.

If you choose to do this please put your own name down as organiser, not mine. It can be very confusing for everyone if my name is on it and I know nothing about the Event.

Responsibility for running the event is up to the organiser.

Thank you

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  • Hi Everyone, Just wanting to let everyone know, Whilst I thoughly enjoyed planning and going to the Garden Visits for a number of years I am unable to plan the Garden Visits anymore as I am sorry but without the Offers of Garden Visits I had nothing to plan and things were getting even worse as time went on. Andy would you please remove my contact details from the Group. I wish you all Good Health and Happiness for the future. Love xxx
    • Fixed it Dianne. Keep an eye on the group, I'm going to try to kick some life back into the GVs.
  • Good Afternoon Members & Friends,

    As you will see I have organised a couple of SPECIAL EVENTS for February & April. I will be doing this every second month and will need a few members to come forward to Host Garden Visits in these months - MARCH, JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER & DECEMBER.

    Your garden need not be a show place, perhaps you have a new garden that you would like some advice on plantings, you may live in a Townhouse or Flat.
    Or maybe you have a special ability like, Grafting, Sowing Seeds, Wicking Beds, Preserving, Breadmaking, Cheesemaking, Small Animal Rearing, Bees Native or Honey. Herbs, Companion Planting, Spaghetti Making, Salami & Sausage Making, All Types of Alternative Gardening, and the List goes on. We would like to tap into these abilities and alert our Members to the many hidden talents and abilities of other members.

    In this way I feel we can grow as this is a time we all need some Special Soothing and Interesting New Interests to Pursue (I know I do).
    If you would prefer not to Host but share your Interests that can be arranged for you to do so at a Garden Visit of another member, you only need to have a talk for around 20mins as we do need to also have the GV. If your Interest would warrant extra time that can be pursued by contacting me on 0407691485 or sending me a note in the BLF Inbox (after Friending me).

    I do hope I with the help of our Members will make 2022 an Eventful one with Many Interesting & Informative Special Events & Garden Visits. We need to Live with COVID19 so now is Our time to Move On and Enjoy the times we can have with our BLF Members...Cheers, Dianne
  • Good Afternoon Everyone,

    What a year we have all had, we started out the year in our area badly needing rain though the last few weeks have certainly made up for it. Tanks are full and our lawns and everyone's Vegie Patches have gone crazy, a bountiful supply of fruit.

    We had a slow take up for our GV's this year but I am sure 2022 will prove to be an exciting one for everyone, with Pre-Proposed Demonstrations included in our GV's, such as, Soft Cheese Making, Making Thai Sauces, Grafting & Air-Layering, Herbs Edible & Medical, Making Cheese the Natural Way, Preserving & Jam Making, Fermenting, Terrine Making, Smoked & Cured Meats and more. If you have a particular interest in any of these subjects please let Dianne know through BLF Messages or phone me on 0407691485. Also you may have a particular subject not listed that one of our members is able to share with the group. We will also be having visits to nurseries and other venues be it for an information outing or a social luncheon.

    I have agreed to continue with the organizing of the GV's & Outings and look forward to a Fun & Educational Year. Regarding Reports on GV's it has been my practice as the GV-Outing Organizer for some years to ask a member if they would like to do the Report if I am not doing it myself. Please do not do a report without me knowing as these have to be put into a certain section of the Groups-GV Section as we keep them in a place where we can go back to them year after year.
    If you are interested in hosting a GV please contact me and I will discuss how to go about it with you. We are also looking for Venues to do the GV in and perhaps have another Member come along and do the Demonstration, this would take the pressure of the Host.

    Looking forward to a successful year on BLF..... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year... Cheers.. Dianne
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Monstera deliciosa

I really enjoyed the taste of the monstera fruit that Mary-Ann and Colin provided at the GV. So much so that I've decided to grow one. Can anyone give me some tips on how best to grow one to get it to fruit?How long from planting a good-sized cutting to fruiting?Full sun or part shade?Does it need to get REALLY big to fruit? 

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GV report: Mary-Ann and Col's Dayboro

The toughest issue about this report is trying to reduce so much information into a brief report.   Now, it's well known that when you think about "simple", think about "Andy" (which always makes me chuckle).  However, I do seem to have an ability to reduce complex concepts back down to something managable.  So, here goes: It was wonderful arriving back at there.  I first visited in 2017, but found a 2016 visit report as well tonight.  The hospitality was amazing. Fabulous food (thanks…

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4 Replies · Reply by Sophie Apr 14

GV report: Helen Schwencke's bio-diversity discussion.

I admit, I was anxious about this report.  Helen has a lot of insect host plants, each of which feed different insects.  How on earth was I going to remember them all?!  Later, it became more obvious to me that I didn't need to.  The point was more about think about your local insect host plants.  Now my comment later was that Helen was dealing with a bunch of Permiculture gardeners, so it was easy to sell us on bio-diversity. That took the heat off me. The first she showed was native…

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6 Replies · Reply by Sarah Mar 17

Report back on the first BLF direction meeting on 26 June 2022

It was actually a really lovely get together today.  As you know, it was at my place.  Yes, I was a tad late sending out the street address and only did so early that morning.  I had made the deliberate decision to have a meeting for folks from this website first.  I will host another for the Brisbane Local Food facebook group members.  I wanted to start them seperately to help me work out if the two groups have different expectations.  To that end, I have already put a poll up asking if they…

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