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A neighbour has been selling bags of fluffy, spongy horse manure which I have been using as one of the ingredients for a small hot composting pile.

When I get the bags, the contents are usually over 45 degrees. This is due to the largely increased surface area for air contact and microbes by the manure being finely chopped.

A rich mix of 50% of this manure with lawn clippings and fine cane mulch will reach over 65 degrees in under 24 hours (covered). It remains over 60 degress for about 4 days, at which point it requires turning (that's usually where I get a little slack).

I'm still learning the hot compost process and have read that I should only be adding 1/3 horse manure to the mix (I'll try this on my next one).

The fluffy manure is also nice to use straight as a feeding mulch in selected parts' of the gardens, or in resting garden locations where it holds onto water quite well when mixed with the soil.

How to make fluffy horse manure. (Thank you Alan Lloyd from Samford)

Wear a mask and gloves. Same types you would use when handling composts.

1. Flatten out a pile of horse manure on a flat accessible surface.

2. Mow and catch with a standard push mower.

You now have fluffy pulverised horse manure in your mower catcher.

No lumps, however the quality of the cut will vary between mowers (2 or 4 blade, etc.) ... 

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I used the bag Rob gave me some little time back as top dressing for my pots on the porch. They appreciated it immensely. I also use Tim's composted horse poo for the same purpose.

Thanks for the info Rob, sounds great. Your pics you put on the site show lovely healthy plants,so I am sure this manure has been of benefit.

Very noice indeedy. 


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