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Here you can list your Sages/Salvias so as we may, swap cuttings/plants with other members who would like to further their collections.


The Ancient Europeans thought that Common Sage Salvia Officinalis enhanced Health and Mental clarity, particularly in the aged. Research has proved Sage is in reality an exceptional plant that has Antiseptic, Antifungal and Deodorant properties. It is excellent for Digestion and Mouth and Throat Infections, and contains Oestrogen, so is helpful in Menopause.

Sages/Salvias are members of the Lamiaceae family, of which there are over 900 species in the genus. All having incredible Insecticidal properties. They are used as flavourings, oils and of value to the Medical Industry. In the garden they are used as Companions, growth stimulants and soil tonics. When cutting back Sages/Salvias, use the trimmings in the Compost or dig into the garden. 

All Sage/Salvia flowers are abundant in nectar, so it is no wonder that some Bee Keeper like to grow them around their hives, often pairing them with the growing of Rosemary as Rosemary Honey is so delicious. Grapevines love to be planted near Sage/Salvia and leaves dug into the soil around the Vines enhances the sweetness of the Grapes.

As a Companion, these plants love to be planted near Sage/Salvia - Carrots, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Kale, Cabbages, Broccoli and Cauliflower. Do not plant near Cucumbers.

Sages/Salvias do not like to be waterlogged, they prefer a well drained soil a little on the dry side. They enjoy full sun but will grow in dappled shade but may not flower as well. There are many varieties growing from 30cms to approx 2.5mts. After 4 years the plants become woody so it is a good idea to take cuttings and replace the old plants.

Salvia leucantha and Salvia clevelandii  are so strongly scented that leaves, and flowers can be scattered over floors and chicken coops, stables and kennels, and fleas, flies and mosquitoes will be eradicated (hopefully).

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I am sure you will get it looking beautiful again, and then we will all be begging you for cuttings. 

I'll be happy to share! The deep purple cutting I got from you is thriving and I've had a couple of flowers.  I moved it to a permanent spot now so it is happy. Besides that I have a little white, a little salmon pink one and the small flowered dark red one that the blue banded bees adore. Not many and I don't know any of their botanical names but I do like them so much.

Here are some more photos of Salvias I have. The Native Bees have gone crazy here at the moment, their poor little legs laden with pollen, I don't know how they can fly, and the beautiful Pinky/Salmon flowers of the Salvia involucrate Rose Leaf Salvia, what a treat, heavy with flowers it is food for the Australian Noisy Miners and the European Bees.

                                                              Salvia involucrata 80cms x 1m

                                                Salvia microphylla ‘Megan’s Magic’ 80cm x 80cm

                                                    Salvia greggii 'Easter Bonnet' 40cm x 40cm

                                                       Salvia microphylla 'Peg'  Up to 1m x 1m

Probably my favourite plant range. So varied in their colour and even growth habits, so hardy, long lived, beautiful (if you dead-head them and cut back a couple of times a year), so attractive to insects.

Find here some more Salvias that I am willing to share cuttings from. I find Spring/Early Summer/Autumn the best time to take cuttings. When taking cuttings try to take stems without flowers. If you would like a little more info in this Discussion on the Growing of Salvias, I am sure there are many of us who would like to share our experiences with you.

                                       Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Sage’ 45cm x 45cm

                        Salvia microphylla ‘Cyclamen’ {syn: Salvia grahami} 80cm x 80cm

                                               Salvia microphylla ‘Sweet Lara’

                                   Salvia Africana caerulea 'Smoothie' 80cm x 1.5m

                                    Salvia fruticosa ‘Greek Skies’ 80cm x 70cm

                                                Salvia pallida 60cm x 1.2m

                                             Salvia agnes 60-90cm x 60-60cm

                                Salvia microphylla ‘Pink Marshmellow’ 40cm x 60cm

                                          Salvia ‘Marine Blue’ 60cm x 60cm

              Salvia microphylla x greggii ‘Heatwave Glow’ GLOW 60cm x 60cm

     Salvia buchananii (Buchanan's sage) herbaceous perennial shrub 50cm x 50cm

                                             Salvia African Skies 60cm x 1m

                                                    Salvia, Mexican Sage 'Limelight' 1m x 1.5 to 2m

They are beautiful Dianne, you have so many, no wonder the birds and bees hang around your place.  I may hang around there soon.  They are beautiful pictures as well.

Hi Dianne, went to the rare plant expo and picked up some new salvia's.  I also have some more from the ipswich garden show which I haven't got photo's of at the moment but were sold to me as

* Tangerine greggi

* Pink Greggi

* Neurepia microphylla orange/red

Like I said, what ever the blue one is that I have is just stunning especially as a cut flower.  Anyone is welcome to those as I have heaps.

Could it be a Costa Rica Susan, I had one similar some time ago.  Love them.

Also, I was walking around the Mt Coot tha botanic gardens after the show and there was a yellow salvia from mexico- very large plant with massive flower spikes that was absolutely covered in bees - I think it was the Madrensis Salvia

Too big for my garden but those of you with space...

I do love that yellow one, Madrensis Salvia. Wish I knew someone who worked at the gardens to get me a cutting. Did you manage to get anything else there that you couldn't resist.

I had one of those tall yellow salvias, albeit briefly, in my garden. Bought it from Coucals Garden at Mt Crosby. 

I bought a couple of packets of Salvia and Borage seeds and just recently tried planting it out. The borage and one variety of Salvia has sprouted but the scarlet variety has not yet. I just want lots of flowers for my bee ladies


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