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Can anyone provide some advice on how to remove the white substance that has grown on the wattles of my chookies. 
The combs are beautiful and healthy looking but the white stuff on wattles underneath tells me there is something not right. It does not rub off. 
Perhaps something in their diet?
Any suggestions?

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Can you take a photo of the problem Jo and add it here.

Just use the second icon in (to the right of LINK at the left of the comment box you are writing in) to add a photo from your computer.

Yes, I'd like to see it.  Not a problem that I am familiar with. 

It was tricky to hold her still with one hand and take the pic with the other!

Well done! Hopefully someone will be able to advise.

Is it causing the chook any distress or does she appear ill in other ways?

No. They are very happy and healthy, and laying really well. 
So it doesn't bother them at all.
I just wonder what it is.

I don't have chooks myself. Hopefully your post will get the attention of the people that do. We can always post in the general forum to get more attention if they don't see it here.

*Drum roll*

All ISA Browns appear to have it.  It's just a lack of pigment in areas that aren't used to show at males.  

And that Jo, will be why it doesn't rub off.  My girls have it as well.  I'll have a look 2morra to see if the Bond Black also has it.  


OK, that's great. At least I don't have to worry that they actually do have some kind of disease, or something. 


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