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I thought it might turn out handy to discuss remedies to common problems and how to treat injuries. 

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Down to 1 egg a day now.  From what I am reading it could be that:

  1. I changed food onto pellets from mash (most likely answer). Bought some more mash today and am adding it to their feed, 
  2. They need more protein (ehewww - a tin of fish catfood), or
  3. The heat has slowed them (from that 40 degree G20 weekend).  

Catfood? Really, wow. Never would have thunk that one.

Me either. 

Happy daze with the girls.  I put them back on their old food.  I am again getting three eggs a day.  Didn't need to increase protein markedly or worry about the heat.  Wow - I'm amazed the food made such a difference. 

Do you think it's the food specifically or that they were used to the old style of food and objected to the change in general?

I only use good quality (well balanced but expensive) food so I suspect it's just that the cheeky chickens don't like change.  I mixed the two together and that seems to do the trick as well.  

Dogs, cats (and kids for that matter) are much the same. They prefer the food they grew up on. Change has to be gradual. Looks like you have that figured.


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