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I thought it might turn out handy to discuss remedies to common problems and how to treat injuries. 

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I had my first real injury today.  Pearl got her leg stuck somewhere.  She's done a fair job of it - not a feather left from above her groin all the way down one leg.   The worst case of gravel rash I've seen for ages!  It's clearly painful.  She's sitting and sulking.  

We cleaned it with warm salt water. I checked and there doesn't seem to be any broken bones or real lacerations (although there was a fair bit of dried blood).   The others aren't interested in pecking her, and my Rozie saw her eating afterwards.  

We'll keep an eye on her and see how it goes.  Hopefully, I won't be fighting infection but it will be well worth watching.  

Pleased to report that Pearl's leg has healed well.  She was quiet for a few days (I isolated her in a plastic tote). Then she limped for a day.  By today, she is back to normal.  The feathers are still missing but I figure they'll grow back in time. 

For those who are interested in Homoeopathic medicine for animals, this e-book may be of use. It is free for downloading (if a little convoluted to find):

When you get the book up, you will find on the right-side of the title bar, a symbol for 'about this book'. That window has a link to some ways of viewing the book including downloading: 

The tricky part might be accessing Homoeopathic remedies. There are Homoeopaths listed in the phone book and many more online who post out remedies. There is a cost but the remedies last forever either liquid or in pilules. If you get pilules, you only need 1 or 2 to transfer the energy to an alcohol-based liquid. You can make more remedy from the original supplied by putting some drops into an alcohol-based liquid.

Thanks Elaine.  I downloaded it as a pdf.  If anyone wants a copy, feel free to pm me your email address (or download it yourself).  

Is it natural to have your right breast much bigger than the left?

Yes, the crop is under the right side of the breast.  It acts like an extra tummy so naturally when they have eaten, the right side of the breast looks much bigger.  By morning, the two sides should be roughly equal (give or take a bit). 

Phew - I thought two of my girls had some kind of tumour!


Not really an injury - more of a question.

My girls have slowed down laying.  We've gone from 3 a day to 2 a day.  In addition, the size of the eggs has decreased from jumbo to large.  I'm not sure if it is longer summery days (read that as HOT) or what.  Anyone???

Remind me - you have three chooks? All the same breed? So one of them has stopped laying?

I know nothing about chooks but do they need somewhere to have a cool off, like a tub of water, in the heat?

I think they are kind of alternate laying.  So each of the 3 birds is laying 2 out of 3 days.  They are under the big tree and in the best spot in the whole yard.  They've got plenty of access to water for drinking but I might try a tub to give them some fun. 

and yes (sorry - just re-read your post).  All three are the same age ISA Browns.  Too young to be slowing down the lay yet.  

Mine have started alternate laying but they are many years old and pure breeds.

When this happens I usually worm them and ensure that all the bedding areas and the birds themselves have been dusted for lice/mites.

Dusting them is going to be an exercise in logistics this time. A helpful gardener friend lopped the low branch off the mango tree when I was sick. She didn't know it was their favoured roost and the only one I could reach them on.

I used to wait till they were settled at night then go out and take them down one by one and dust them with Pestene.

One evening soon I will have to entice them into a fully enclosable area for the night so that I am able to dust them.

They have been wormed about a week ago.  No lice - I check them when they get their daily cuddles.  *Oh the shame*  


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