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As my yard produced progressively more, I realise that I posted progressively less.  I guess I didn't want to look like I was bragging. 

However, like Dianne, I've come to the realisation that the site is quietly going more silent.  I will go back to regular posts.  I would encourage the rest of you to do the same.  

I have also avoided sharing my climate concerns on the ning site.  That is about to change as well. 

You brought this on yourselves!  LOL. 

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Things have been, at times, a bit quite on BLF, but I don't think we have to worry about it.  I don't like to brag as well, even though I think I did brag with my sons mangos and also the big mango, but I put them on as photo's to try and get some conversation going. I think it worked.

We, as a group, have had hard times lately, our gardens have nearly died with drought, our water tanks were empty for a while. Now we have had the rain washing our plants and filling our tanks.  

No one is too blame, I think Dianne and Graham and Andy and Rozie, all work hard behind the scenes to keep this group going.  When we get together as a group, we should enjoy the company of those that attend the GV's when they are able to attend.  Dianne is a dear friend of ours, even so, I think she is doing her best to keep us talking gardens and keeping us interested in gardening and cooking and giving off positive vibes all the time.  Andy does the same with his help. 

Keep it simple and keep gardening, is the best we can do to keep this site active.  There are many wonderful members who offer their advice and share their gardens on this site, with everyone else.   Share your wares, share your knowledge, and promote gardening to the next generation.  They may look at our comments in the future and gain some knowledge and start their own food gardens. 

Thanks Christa.  

haha sorry all - I've been out of the BLF loop for a while. Wanted to come to the GV this weekend but we are increasingly double booked on weekends now :S I've gotten stuck into some hardcore gardening! Lots new happening with us (got 2 chickens now, and a puppy!); we're thinking of hosting a GV this year but will have to confirm dates. With life being so busy recently, I've found instagram a nice way to just post a pic as things come up - haven't had time to keep the monthly blog going, which is a bit of a shame. I have been keeping a produce log (when I think to!) - we've had cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, rockmelon, kale (when not eaten by catepillars!!) lots of bananas, mulberries, panama berries, pigeon pea, cassava.. Need to get better at producing more greens :) Had issues germinating seeds with all this crazy weather...
You can have a look here:

Hi Andrew

Just thought I would let you know that I have absolute confirmation that climate change is for real, went down in the garden the other morning to pick a few tomatoes and I found these two guys have taken up residence amongst my bromeliads and ferns.



LOL.  Well done mate. If it starts to to snow, send it my way for gawd's sake. 

Quiet? I'm not quiet. I'm vociferous....and I'll tell you why.

While I may be a frustrated blogger -- my daughter is an online professional 'influencer' --  I appreciate posting here so much because it serves as my own reference library and diary. I know where I am in the kitchen garden today because I have logged my  past journey here as it unfolded in the soil.

On the top page where it says (left column) :  Search BLF directly via Google (thanks Dave!) -- I'm using that link often to check out information both I and others have shared.

And if you think that's an unusual habit -- if you check back at past posts here you will see some that have been looked at hundreds, even thousands, of times because they come up on Google searches.

So folks we aint some insulated gardening backwater. Ours are important discussions the uniqueness of which seem to be appreciated way beyond our membership.

And that's the point: dialogue. We are short on gurus. Aren't ruled by dogma. Just try to do our best -- often with help found here.

Unfortunately, some of our quietness is due to the fact we lost Elaine de Saxe recently. I don't know about you but she was my mentor and muse and I feel her absence from these pages deeply.

Other than that, swings and slides people...swings and slides. Our forum doesn't need to be anything, just be there.

Well said mate. I agree 

Very deep felt words Dave


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