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Some members have reported that the site won't show photos for them.  I've actually been investigating this for a while.  Ning tell me that everything is fine their end.  Everything is fine for me. BUT - still some folks can't get photos.  I can even log in as them on my pc and get photos.  

Thanks heaps to Barb T.  It appears the issue only occurs for telstra based members.  The problem appears to be in your "parental controls" for internet.  Telstra is protecting you from the pornography/<insert potential other theories here> which they think is associated with ning site. 

They are NOT blocking the site.  However, the parental controls stop you accessing photos. 

I had Christa ring them about it today but they assured her they don't block sites.  They are right - Christa can get to the site.  The guy in the telstra help centre could even see the photos.  It seems that telstra's standard parental controls apply to telstra users but not their staff.  That actually makes sense. 

Anyway, chins up if you are a Telstra user.  The issue is definitely related to parental controls.  I just need to work out what exact words you should use to get the poor stupid tech support folks to understand that you need the parental controls removed. 

It will be more complicated for those who actually need parental controls.  You'll need to do that through your Browser or operating system.  No, I'm not sure how.  One step at a time. 

Thanks Barb for helping to solve the issue.  Christa, I'll ring you tomorrow.  

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