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If you click on the members tab, it takes you to a list of our current members.  At the top of that page are "featured members."  It strikes me that this has mostly been used to show our most famous members.  I intend to change that.  

I am deleting all current featured members.  From now on, featured members will change to those who provide great content for the site.  My intention is to use it to thank those who contribute terrific information.  It will happen on an ad-hoc basis.  I'll use my own opinion informed by the number of comments and/or favourites on posts.  

This little experiment will no doubt evolve with time. 


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Well done my friend, you are such a treasure, always waking us up with an interesting post. I know how much you love your garden and the use of everything natural in it and you often share your thoughts on the subject and more with us.  Congratulations. 

I've taken far too long in featuring Susan.  Our poster girl who took a typical city block and made is something very special.  So much bounty from that patch now.  You've certainly been an inspiration for me.

Congrats, Susan. You have done a wonderful job of your garden & I am sure your new Patch will be just as Fruitful and Special.

awww shucks!! Thanks heaps :)   You know all of you have inspired me over the years too. 

And the next site treasure is Valerie.  She's another "fly under the radar" lady.  
What's that Valerie?  You didn't think I'd notice that you are a frequent GV hoster and attendee, regular contributor of great info, site donor, provider of our most popular raffle prizes ever! regular raffle ticket buyer (even when you give the prize back!) and all around fantastic member?!   Nah... I didn't notice a thing.  Thank you though. 

Thanks a million for the honor. It is a real pleasure to be part of this community. I have to share this credit with my beautiful husband who made most of the raffle prizes I brought in. I am just the gardener, who sometimes finds nice ideas to share. He loves the challenges. 

Valerie, you are a treasure, you have filled in for me when I have needed you. You have written up wonderful reports and taken some great pics for GV's (yes I know the son took the pics).

You always have something Yummy to eat at our GV's, that is a little different from the norm. You are community minded and give much to the community with your garden. You are a lovely person one can always rely on. This is certainly a well deserved honor.

A Big Thank You Valerie.

Yes - good choice Andy.  Well deserved Valerie.


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