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As of tonight, I am asking the wonderful Dianne (she who organises all things GV) to send out address notifications for the garden visits on the Friday night prior to the visit - be it either a Saturday or Sunday visit.  I will explain why.

We have a habit of giving addresses early.  Benefit: people get the address early.  Um... really?  What's the benefit in that? Do I actually care when I get the address? Do I need it 5 days ahead or just 1 or 2?  Cost: from personal experience, the event creator has to check once or twice a day, each day for new people who are attending or might be so they can send them the address too (it isn't automatic).  It's painful, especially if the site plays up.  Safety margin:  If you do need it earlier, just message Dianne. She will give it to you!

It's an easy, simple change that hopefully will make Dianne's life a bit easier.  I doubt it will bother anyone but I wanted to be public to help reset our expectations about the GV notifications.  

Simples.  No dramas.  We can all continue to look for the address on the night before the GV, just like we do now.  Ahhh... the serenity. 

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