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A good factual video from Self Sufficient Me HERE.

This video shows how to inspect native stingless bee hives to see how they are doing after splitting several months earlier. 

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Thanks for this Lissa.  As a new keeper of a hive it was very interesting to watch both this and the actual splitting.  Interesting to see the different style of hive, wonder how many designs there are.

Would you believe this guy and another I found this morning are both local at Brighton. Must be "the" place for SNB keepers. Hive prices are coming down too.

I have added them both under WEBSITES AND INFORMATION.

We are in Brighton too. And have NBH for 7 years. Ex used to manage water meter contract and would contact and help Dave from Kallangur rescue hives that were in watermeter boxes. He's made us hives before and helped us start. We were supposed to split hive in Oct but because I'm moving I've decided to leave. I will need a babysitter for a hive as I'm moving across the road and not far enough away for the bees.

Susanne is at Brighton and keeps bees. She might be able to help out with the sitting.

Yes I'll ask her when I pick up honey ☺ but she's still within a kilometre... don't know if that is far enough away?

Check with one of the SNB keepers - your friend who's local, Bob Luttrell etc. One of them would no doubt be happy to sit them for you also.

If you get stuck for a bee sitter you are quite welcome to leave them at my place - I'm at Newmarket.

Great links on native bee hive, thanks Lissa,  and they live quite close to home.  We may have to call on them to split our hive when necessary, and buy a second hive as well.  

They do offer a good range of services (or at least one of the guys does) which is useful for those not yet confident to do these jobs themselves. Like me :)

I can recommend Scott Luttrell (Local Pastures).  I purchased my hive from him - actually went to his place at Deception Bay and collected it so was able to see how he has his hives set up.  As a newbee to hives, I was glad I did this so he could advise me and show me what to do for the set up.   He is planning to visit me mid January just to check it and deliver and install the 3rd tier.  Bye the way I bought Hockinsi bees and know he has other types.  

Yes, Scott and his Dad are good people when it comes to knowledge about SNB's. They are both listed in the Websites & Information page.

Let's hope Mark whatsis is better at it than the butcher who murdered the hive on GA. Honey dripping everywhere, hive being shaken by Costa hammering in the picket ... does it get any worse?


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