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When I started this aquaponics gig, there was one thing that was playing on my mind.

What do the fish taste like?  Are they any good?

Some people thought they'd be bland.  Others suggested a muddy taste.  I can report neither is true.  

I found them to taste a lot like salmon but not quite as over-bearing in flavour.  The oil level is a little less than salmon (in terms of impact on the palate).  The texture is also good and reminded me of salmon. 

They are a little bony but I suspect if you were good at filleting, you'd avoid that issue.  I don't happen to be good at filleting.

So... for those who've enjoyed this delicacy, feel free to leave your unbiased opinions as well. 

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I'm not a big fan of fish but like these fellers done up as fish nuggets Andy..
I add in some onion, cumin & coriander powder to a light cornflour batter & shallow fry them.. Looking forward to trying the silvers in about 8 months time :) 

I suspect that is quite a compliment Rob.  If you don't dig on fish but you can prepare you own enjoyable fish nuggets, that's gotta say something about your home produce.  

Nothing really beats fresh fish dusted in flour, shallow fried and accompanied by fried Potato.

Oh... I hear ya Elaine.... 

Well described Andy, we tried another 2 Jades on Friday night, yes, less oil than Salmon, and as previous, no hint of mud, or mullet taste. I noticed the texture to be a little more delicate to Salmon, similar in taste and texture to a freshly caught bream with a little more oil present (without the strong taste you can sometimes get with an oily fish). It will be interesting to see how the older Jade Perch tastes (as we let them grow) down the track.

That's a good description of the texture mate - delicate. You're right - I didn't think I'd bother harvesting too many, but jeez they are nice.  I'll leave the lads to winter over now, but I fully intend to harvest half next spring/summer and re-stock.  

Hi Andrew, we'll be giving free fish tastings at our shop (Aqua Gardening) on Saturday the 28th November. They will be 3yr old Jade Perch and will be cooked in a couple different methods. Check out our facebook for the announcement and more details. Chris


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