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Hopefully, we can share some tips.  Keeping the tank warm in winter and cool in summer. 

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Well, I think most of us are suffering with the sudden cold snap.  I've slowed the food right down for my Jades and they aren't moving very much now.  I have some spare tropical fish tank heaters but I think there has to be a better way to warm the water.  Any hints from our more experienced members?

Thank goodness I used sarking to insulate the tank.  We got through summer quite nicely. Winter looks like a different issue. 

Yes the temperature has an instant effect on the fish, suddenly they no longer want to eat. Insulation is a boon for the fish we have it in a couple of the grow beds but unfortunately not in all the fish tanks. Last year when the fish were small Glen had a wood fired heater set up with piping to heat the water up as it flows through it. Unfortunately with Glen in Blackbutt this will not happen this season but some of the fish are mostly quite large so I am hoping they will fare well enough.

I insulated the tanks but not the big grow bed - which was just stupid because that's where most of the heat loss happens.  

It's called a 'learning curve' Andrew ;-) 'The more trial, the less error' (I made up that one ;-)) It's half the fun of being alive.

But I just want it perfect - right from the very first trial.  LOL.  

Don't we all! The finished book without any editing and revisions ;-) It's the journey, not the arrival that counts.

I love that comment Elaine. It covers all our experiments garden and otherwise.

The shade cloth is an ever expanding item here at the Manor. I thought I'd post this here because the most likely answer to my almost dead lettuce is excess sun.

I reckon you're correct with the sunburn Andrew, I've been thinking about putting a side shade up for the wicking beds and putting a shade cloth awning up for the chooks. I've been letting the chooks shelter under our awning on hot afternoons as the coop cops full afternoon sun, it has shade cloth up against the chicken wire, but its still heating up the coop a lot. Your guys look a lot cooler than mine in that lovely position.

Its funny, I've also recently been thinking, gee, the chemistry with AP is another factor that can distract me from other causes to issues that I should be addressing first. This came about after Steve described the withering of early melons in his soil bed coming down to sun/heat.

Up until then I was a little too focused on the belief that I still had a potassium issue. All the other fruit in growbed were forming ok and looking at the position of the failing melons ... the only things in direct sunlight, and then looking at the position of the successful melons ... the only melons in almost full shade, I went ahhhh).

LOL.  Yeah, I hear you Rob.  I'm starting to try to stick to the old motto:  the simplest answer is probably the right one.  

And you're dead right - the girls have the best darn spot in the yard.  It's getting to the stage where I say in the worst of the heat, "Let's go sit in the chicken coup."

A variation on 'in the dog house' ;-)

My Bobbie tells me he gets lollies at the same time. 


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