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Compost worms dug this morning up on the Downs.

Bagged in 1050 worm lots

3 bags available $28.50 each

I will be placing another order when I build my first large scale worm resort.

Regards Mark

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How does he have so many fingers and toes?  Must use the whole family.... 

Soldier fly are the next big thing, they are much quicker at breaking down kitchen scraps (compost) than worms and you can harvest the grub for the chooks or fish as a great free protein booster

Hi Mark,

Can you please tell me. Are you selling the Coir Bricks and Coir Peat or know anyone who does sell bulk as I am needing quite a lot soon. The Guy who was on our BLF site doesn't answer his emails or phone.....

Yes Dianne I have some in stock $12 each I have a mate that imports it so always available

Is the Coir Peat in bags or blocks.

coco coir in blocks makes 65 to 75 ltrs

Yes That's what I want but as well as that I am after some Coco Peat the soily type one for my homemade seed raising mix.

Hi Mark, I am needing to know - your Coir Blocks are they the ones that are like pine bark but compressed and do you have the Coco Peat Blocks as well the ones that go like peaty/soil when water is added. Thanks so Much....

Hi Dianne

I have both, the crumb and the fine chip( approx 10mm)


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