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  • i can't wear gloves - hate the way they feel. am tuff about all the critters, including spiders, although i don't like poisonous snakes - but have never come across one gardening - i don't even notice scratches, bleeding etc until afterward - euphoria indeed. hands in perpetual state of ruin. have to keep nail file in the ashtray of my car so i can repair the damage at traffic lights (can never make time for it at home). usually hands are a disgrace though. sometimes have to hide them under the table. washing hair and doing dishes very helpful. i have to use moisturiser to repair hands after they've been in dirt. I have the wrinkled hands of a 60 year old already...
  • That's a great article Scarlett. I'm in total agreement with the harvest high, and what a great expression to describe it. Getting your hands dirty though, not for me I always wear gloves! I hate getting scratched or scraped on my hands, no way am I digging into that soil barehanded
    • You wuss Ali, the article shows that it is very important for your health! (obviously my nails are full of dirt and hands covered in scratches lol)
      • Yeah yeah, grub it up :)

        I'd die if I touched a worm.
        • That's okay Ali, ask my bf, I am the wussiest (is there such a word?) gardener there is.. I wear gumboots, long sleeve and gloves in the garden at most times for fear of touching any bugs, or hairy prickly leaves ...
        • Now we have 'legless lizards' but they look like snakes ... I freak out every time I uncover one but the worms - pah - I pick them up with ease :) my son thinks I am a legend, he doesn't touch them but is very interested and always begs me to 'find another one mum' ;)

          My dad will pick up a huntsman but not me, spiders I leave alone for sure!
  • Fascinating!
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