• Just on zucchinis and Tatume -- if you do get a big harvest of these squashes and seek to eat your way through your supply, you need to be creative.

    Well, folks, we had this last night and it is great!

    Courgettes with chilli-spiced yogurt and poached eggs: you don't necessarily have to add the eggs as the taste takes off among the veg. You can also skip the yoghurt as the tomato and herb sauce is marvy. And it's easy prep. For those with coriander going to seed -- this is a real winner.

    Courgettes with chilli-spiced yogurt and poached eggs
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  • Losing the tromboncino is a bummer - hope you had another one in - but I know I never put in more than one at a time.

    Something I've noticed is that there seem to be fewer leaf-eating insects around. (No dearth of leaf-eating ringtails, though). It may be that both the mickey birds and the gray butcher birds have raised youngsters in the last few weeks, but there are hardly any small grasshoppers or those green pointy ones or the katydids or even (fingers crossed) the striped cucumber beetle that afflicts the Cape Gooseberries. Hope this lasts!

    • I still have two in the building site Barb.  Needless to say, they aren't doing much.  LOL. 

  • Even my cherry toms are splitting.  I think I've lost one tromboncino and pumpkin (wrong time for that but it was a volunteer).  

    • Just saying. Despite the weather, my Tatume are fiortig away.

      Compared to Tromboncino:

      • Tatume tastes much better
      • Tatume is more versatile in the kitchen
      • Tatume -- while best picked young -- makes for a serviceable pumpkin with age.
      • Tatume fruits over a longer period than does Tomboncino
      • Tatume keeps better than Tromboncino.

      What is Tatume?

      Tatume fruits are best picked at around 8-10cm long. It has many names:Tatuma, Calabacita, Round Zucchini, and Mexican Zucchini. Highly productive vines produce flavourful firm fruit and have a good resistance to disease.Loves the heat. Some claim that Tatume squash tastes even better than zucchini!

      In my squash pantheon: They're in my top favs: Bottle Gourd(I'm now growing the round rather than the long type), Choko, Tatume....& a pumpkin , like Seminole.

      Tatume? yes, I do have seeds I can share....


      Tatuma, Calabacita, Round Zucchini, and Mexican Zucchini.

      Read more at Gardening Know How: Growing Heirloom Squash: Tatume Squash Information
      • I did buy some last Tatume discussion.  I must have planted at the wrong time because they all croaked!  

        • I make sure to bring them on first in wee pots. I must have planted mine some time mid year because I've been harvesting since October. You can see the plant in the video HERE. 9876028058?profile=RESIZE_584xCurrently, they are (I have two mature ones) in surge mode because of the weather, so I have to train the stems over the aerials and had to cut a couple off. Much more productive than either Trombonchino or Bottler Gourd. I let a few too many fruits get away from me and still have a whole pumpkin left  after I got 4 big ones,...and I am still harvesting at 10cm diameter.

          My daughter's garden may have zucchini growing with a nice harvest on offer at present, but the plant has gone fungal almost completely so is unlikely to live much longer.. Not so with the Tatume at all.

          I have a huge squash growth at the back with as yet no flowers but I hope it is Seminole Pumpkin as I've decided to longer grow the other Mex squash  I had been growing.But I forget what I actually planted! .

          These ones, I mean :












          Which are tasteless. With a white flesh and almost melon consistency.

          Just on takeoff with squashes: you can easily cut back these plants judiciously --and train them in preferred directions.But do that before the fruit forms as the stems will get weighty.

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  • Doesn't matter to me if it bolts - I'd take the seeds, but I just replant more seeds regularly to keep a supply going. My family is keener on Coriander than I am, so I keep it for them to pick when they visit.

    The lettuce is a descendent of green mignonette which does well at my place. We don't use much in the way of salad greens. Again, I keep a succession going, putting in a few seeds at a time.

  • Coriander? For the seeds? It surely would bolt? I'm a leaf user. Although the Thais use the roots.

    What variety of lettuce did you plant for the Summer?

    • I do have sawtooth coriander(Eryngium foetidum ) -- which finally is going well. Difficult to cook with and spiky(as in ouch!) It's a perennial. I find it is best to smash the leaves and spikes in a mortar before using.
  • I've just about finished planting for the year, but snake beans, winged beans, yellow pear cherry tomatoes, coriander and lettuce went in inearly November. Oh - and another pawpaw tree.

    Sweet potatoes planted earlier are thriving, and asparagus is finished for now.

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