Hello everyone,

I have my two daughters bedrooms on the east side of the house, where it gets morning sun but not a lot more than that.  The problem is that it is basically a strip of concrete down along the house with a meter wide 'garden bed' then the neighbours fence.  My neighbours have the back side of their house, caravan and shed all on that side (all the yucky stuff no one wants to see) and my girls bedroom windows look straight out onto it.

Id like to plant something very low maintenance, about 2m tall (to block out some of the view) but something that wont be an issue with drainage pipes (we are currently cutting down the lilly pillies that are there (very sad and sorry looking) - its also where all our plumbing is!

I would think that bamboo would be an easy option, however worry about it spilling out into the neighbours yard being so close (even clumping varieties) so dont want to do that - other suggestions welcome - even tall grasses?? 

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks muchly!

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  • You don't say whether you want to eat it...and this is a food site.

    Katuk is my suggestion but getting plants isn't easy. 

  • I put my bamboo in pots on the west side of the house to block out the sun.  Same problem of a narrow strip and not wanting roots to cause issues with drains and a retaining wall.  It's also created a nice shady microclimate at ground level between the pots.  

  • Lemongrass (East Indian for it's vigour) may also be an option perhaps mixed in with the Tiger Grass for a less uniform look? It's root structure shouldn't be a problem for the plumbing based on my experience of pulling it out of my yard but it can be a little weedy.

  • Tiger Grass? Better option than bamboo as it doesn't run (I'm told).

    You would have to hunt around for the most economical option depending on how many plants you were after. eBay also have them for sale HERE.

    • oooo, that's a good option! Thanks for that Lissa. Didnt know about this one.

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