My husband decided he would be helpful and finally clean up the rose archway so people could actually walk through it without ducking.  Unfortunately, he is far less careful in the garden than I would be (Do NOT get me started on him stomping on all the flowers to try to trim the hedges!) and he chopped down a branch of my lemon tree that had heaps of lemons on it.  Now this is only its 2nd year in the ground and I have been waiting soooo (im)patiently for them to ripen so you can imagine my dismay when almost a third of my lemon harvest is gone :(  I know citrus does not ripen off the tree and I'm wondering if I could still use these for anything?

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  • Hi Susanne

    I joined the Group about a week ago; just browsing the site and reading discussions. I recently pruned my lemon tree, now I have a couple of kilos of green lemons. I can't find your green citrus marmalade recipe that you posted nearly 3 years ago. Has it been archived or somehow removed from the site. Would you care sending me a link to the recipe? 

    Best regards, Karmen

  • Wow!! You can use it to make plant growth promoter using egg and lime/lemon. Read my blog for the instructions.

  • I bet they'd taste nice with vodka and soda...  just sayin. ;-)

    • Love it Tracy :)

  • Thanks guys,  I did try one of the ones with a bit of colour tonight and it seemed fine.  If I can't use them all up in Lemony ways, would you be interested in posting the green marmalade recipe Susanne?  I would love to try a Tried and true method as I have never attempted Jam on my own before (when I was a kid, my mum and grandma used to rope me in to preserving but all I can remember is being bored out of my brain until it was time to eat Jam :)

    • Just put my staple marmalade recipe up under recipes.
      • Thanks Susanne, I appreciate it - might give it a whirl

      • I saw that.... nicely done. 

    • Psst.  There is a stuff called Jam Setter Sugar.  Use that instead of normal sugar and you can't go wrong Susan. 

  • You can use green lemons like you would normally use lemons. My sister's lemon tree split a couple of weeks ago, unable to deal with strong winds when it was weighed down with too much fruit. We ended up with a couple of kilos of fully developed but still green lemons that we have been using primarily for juice.

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