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I'm looking for some inspiration ..  what is everyone's top two favourite things to grow over summer?  Especially plants that don't get attacked too much by bugs. 

My two:  sweet corn / snake beans

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Okra and Dragon Fruit. Okra so far has been free of fruit fly ditto the DF unless I don't pick the DF quickly enough and it splits letting in the ffs.

Okra grew well for me the one time I tried it, but I didn't like the texture.  Trying again from saved seeds that are a few years old... a couple germinated, but haven't progressed much since... it took a while to germinate too... think the seeds maybe too old...

Out of all of my unprotected plants my jerusalem artichokes cassava  queensland arrowroot and mouse melons are never bothered by  anything except missing out on water every now and then

What do Mouse Melons really taste like Darren? None of my seeds came up.

Elaine they are really crunchy and yummy perfect for a greek salad and you dont have to cut them up but thats my opinion. I have some coming up as volunteers; How long ago did you plant them . Just give them a bit more time they do like the heat and if no good Ill get you some plants.

The seeds were very light and thin and I reckon that they were not viable seeds. Planted about 3 weeks ago. Some Okra have been slow to germinate too but at least they are up and growing.

As you recommended Darren I planted some mouse melons seeds not long after this post in November last year.  Boy, they sure take a long time to grow hey?  But well worth it I reckon. They withstood the summer heat, lack of water, torrential rains, and the bugs have left them alone (at least not to the extent I need to worry about anyway).  I love the way the vine looks, kind of like English ivy.  I could imagine it spreading over an old castle or something.  My daughter doesn't like them, but we like them in salads.  Alone they are a bit odd tasting, kind of like a cross between a lime and cucumber.  And they look super cute too!  

Thanks for letting me know about them.  :-)

Im happy they grew for you as this year they have been very trying for me and only received a small crop.One thing I have noticed is that they have fruited much later than normal so heres hoping we may get more.

The plant you gave me Darren is going great guns - spread all over the place. But not a sign of any fruit :/

Cassava and queensland arrowroot certainly grows well without much input ^^, especially the arrowroot.... Just need the space for them and learn how to use them ^^" that reminds me to save some from my mum's backyard before she get rid of them all... too late for my comfrey now... 

I love my cucumbers in summer. Endless supply of fresh crispy fruit. I also love the corn, okra and snake beans.

Did your mouse melons ever come up Lissa that I mailed you some time back


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