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Have 3 containers of weeds. Covered with water about 4 weeks ago in attempt to make weed tea. They all look brown and sludgy but still smells revolting. Know that this should be well diluted before using, just wondering when it is ok to use.  The last thing I want is to encourage any more weeds in the garden !

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That's what I call positive selective olfactory perception. ;)

Comes in very handy in my job ;)

I'm coming to Craig's GV. I could bring along some simple stuff to demo making comfrey concentrate? I'll also bring the bottle along for people to see what it looks and smells like. What do you reckon? Would Craig be ok with it? We won't use it on the pizzas, I promise.

Great idea, Joseph!

That would be great Joseph, yes please.

Hi Joseph. I misplaced your beautiful galangal root from last GV. :-( Any chance you could bring me a new one or any other (ginger,tumeric) you have spare?

Hi Valerie, 

I'll bring some galangal if they haven't rotted in the rain. I left the remaining clump lying around on the lawn but haven't gotten around to breaking it up.

I recently saw the last ABC Gardening show and Jerry Coleby Williams made a weed tea and the recipe came from his grandparents: it was a really interesting sigment of the show.

Nice one Helen :) I do all of that except dig holes. That is beyond me these days.

I throw anything that isn't suitable to be left on the surface (I cover it with grass clippings usually) into the weed tea and that includes fallen fruit that might be fruit fly infested.


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