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Have 3 containers of weeds. Covered with water about 4 weeks ago in attempt to make weed tea. They all look brown and sludgy but still smells revolting. Know that this should be well diluted before using, just wondering when it is ok to use.  The last thing I want is to encourage any more weeds in the garden !

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If you sieve out most of the krud, there shouldn't be any or many seeds anyway. Supposedly they rot too so less chance of making more weeds. It only smells stinky coz it's been rotting with an-aerobic microbes. You need to stir it at least daily or have an airstone bubbling air through it. If you pour it off into another vessel and keep that stirred, the pong should go after a while.

It's OK to use anytime you think it's ready - after 4 weeks that sounds fine to me.

I use it straight from the tub to water plants in pots or in the beds. I don't dilute further.

Smelly or not smelly makes no difference to it's benefit as far as I can tell - daily or bi-daily stirring or aerating with a strong burst of hose is great if you have the time to do it (yet to set up the solar kit Elaine - there hasn't been much sun anyway).

And the sludge at the bottom is great fertiliser tossed at the base of a fruit tree or two. It will smell for a day or two, so what.

As Elaine says the seeds should be drowned by now. This is where I put hated the bindi which is currently coming up all over the place. Karma.

Thank you Elaine and Lissa,

Will give the pots a few stirs then out it goes.  One peg, wellies and then I will also transfer the sludge to the base of a paw paw tree.

Missing the GV because of work rosters :(  Be there at the next one I can ( at this rate it will be back at my place !)

I love it when weeds get put to good use. 

Smoke if you got 'em.

I'm thinking about starting a thread about electric cigarettes.  Why?  I was a pack a day smoker for a very long time.  Oh yeah, we all know it is killing us.  It's just too damn hard to give up.  BUT, I haven't had a real cigarette for 12 months now!  Oh, I know e-cigs aren't perfectly safe either, but if I weigh up 99% chance I will die against a 1 or 2% then I know what I am gunna pick! And, it has pretty much bugger all cost.  

On a tad more serious note, and I've thought about starting a thread for this too!, let me share two critical points in my life (sorry about the serious note here - but when you read the points you will understand why).  

Now, onto the comfry smokes:

1. I'd read a lot about birth defects associated with that.  My best mate who loved a comfry smoke had two kids. One had too few fingers and the other had worse problems (which I chose not to describe) but involved transmission along the nerves.

2. My son now has severe mental illness.  If one was to google "drug induced psychosis" you'd find that it can hit on the very first time or not until the 1001st time.  Even worse, it has virtually a nil recovery rate - the best you can hope for is sufficient treatment.  

I'm sorry if that is a dead serious response from chirpy Andy - but you can imagine that I'd love people to experience the impact of this on my life.  It might help somebody.

I've never smoked a ciggie in my life so not much I can contribute to this subject, I'm afraid. I don't even know there's such a thing called electric cigarettes.

They've been advertised on TV a lot lately. Never seen one in the flesh myself and I'm quite curious.

Andy - do you mean your friend actually made and smoked Comfrey ciggies?

No Lissa.  I was using the term "weed" as it is normally used by my ex-clients - ie. cannabis.  I then used the phrase "comfry cigarette" because I mistakenly guessed Joseph had done the same.  Hence, the rant - I hate that stuff with a damn passion!  

I tried making comfrey tea once. Never again, the smell was absolutely revolting. I imagine weed tea would smell similar - have never made it. Non-flowering weeds enjoy a few hours of sunbaking before going into the compost bins.

These days I make comfrey concentrate which is then stored in a bottle in the fridge. Comfrey concentrate has zero smell, even after being bottled for some time. Some people say the aerobes are dead, others that they're hibernating. I don't know who's right, but I'm sure anaerobes aren't at play because there is no stink. The residue (comfrey sludge) has a very faint scent of decomposition, not unpleasant. I've been able to make a batch every few weeks and this is the first time I've had enough to use on a regular basis. The non-cherry tomatoes must enjoy it as all are/were carrying a lot of fruit, far more than ever before.

How do you make Comfrey concentrate, Joseph? Sounds interesting. I've taken to putting a Comfrey plant in with each fruit tree. Fine for permanent plants but not much use with annuals.

I have a poor sense of smell (for the bad smells anyway - I can still smell the good smells) - weed tea is perfect for me :D

Would also like to know more about the concentrate.


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