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After we mulch our prunings, we usually leave it in heap on the ground, to break down. We emptied the aerobin and went to add the aerobin compost to the heap,  We found some eggs in the heap.  They were empty and I believe that they are the little metre long pythons we found playing/fighting in the shed. We found a very large skin hung in the trees, that must be their mumma or papa.  Feels good to know these pythons have lived here for many years.

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We put a 1m carpet snake in a mates sleeping bag when we were camping on an island off Mackay. He still hasnt forgiven me.

ahhaah we were camping years ago and came back from a hike to find two goannas (1.5m+) inside my friends sleeping bag, going at it. Gotta see it to believe it - I tell you!!

Should have put a photo up.  I'd be interested to see what snake eggs look like

Me too actually.  

Last week we had a 2m female python in our community garden at Boondall.  The snake catcher who removed her suggested that it was now breeding season so we may see more around.

Did you know this about Carpet Pythons - After mating, a clutch of up to 30 eggs are laid. Females of this species, unlike other snake species, will care for her eggs, and defend her clutch violently. She coils herself around her eggs, and shivers to keep the eggs at a stable temperature. Between 50 and 60 days after producing her clutch, the babies hatch.  The female can lose half of her weight after laying her eggs. 

They can live for 100 years but most in captivity live to about 25 years.  They feed mainly at night eating rats, possums, and small reptiles.

Interesting isn't it. This mother snake would have been laying with her eggs and us walking right next to the compost heap, often thowing more on top.   We can live together.


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