Went to the Mount Cootha Auditorium to look at some rare plants and happened upon Susan's mate Jerry.

We had a nice morning with Dianne and Graham, and Dianne purchased a lovely butterfly Clerodendrun. 

Realising that I am not too good in crowds, I stepped through the front door said hello to Jerry and bought a Citrange and an Odontonema pink Firestrike.  

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Then I found a plant named Stachytarpheta cayannensis, which I bought for my native bees.

Then went on to buy 3 salvias, one was Cupi Doll, and the other two plants were nameless, no tags but $6 each.  There was another bee plant named Aster Easter Daisy and a yellow form of aster.

Most non-edible purchases these days are for nectar and pollen for our stingless bees.  It was a good place to buy unusual collectors plants with different colours and variegated leaves.

Did anyone else visit the Rare Plants fair?

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  • Yes we did have a good time at the Fair but my favourite part of the day would have to been the Lunch with Christa and Ian at an Austrian Cafe/Restaurant at Sinnamon Village. 

  • Sounds like you lovely ladies had a great day, what did you buy me ? Lol it's a pity the herb awareness was on the weekend as well. I was busy displaying my wares  

  • Well now, what else was I going to do with my morning :). A friend of mine just moved up from Sydney and was interested in Australian natives so I dragged her along as well and had a wonderful catch up after. I desperately wanted the blue hippeastrum worsleya procera And managed to get one. I also found a gorgeous peach version of a ground orchid and a new variety of raspberry “Japanese mountain raspberry” that I just had to buy. Now I need to figure out where to plant them and hopefully won’t kill them. 

    • You lucky duck, that "blue amaryllis" is quite choice.  The Japanese  Mountain raspberry sounds like a good plant, is it Rubus phoenicolasius.   

      Keep happy and keep gardening.

  • I didn't even know it was on.  I suspect there is a few of us who are not too good in crowds.  People seem surprised when I make that confession but I can live big "on line" but not so much in "real life."

  • Thank you for your report, Christa. It's good to hear about these other events.

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