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Zucchini before Salting

best thing I was given for xmas - zucchini ready for butter and garlic for dinner yum - Col gets his with bolognaise sauce 

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Been there. Sliced that. Very hard on the wrists.

My problem is that I do not like really sharp knives for the simple reason that the injury potential riseth with the keener  the blade edge.

Thus my Julienne is never much good.

When I worked in meat processing way back when -- the boners and slicers always wore chain mesh gloves.

And always, claw hold an onion.

Someone should compose a guitar solo: 'Fear of the Mandoline.'

Got one this morning for the princely sum of $15.  

In my experience Dave, you are going to do far more damage with blunter knives because you tend to apply a lot of force.  

I always use the guard thingie to hold the food down on a mandolin.  They are scary.  

Oh you bet they are scary! And what sends shivers up my spine is TV chefs who blithely slice away with a stub end of something on a mandolin while yacking to the host.

My mum had a fear of sharp knives and preferred them blunt. My Dad (an engineer) preferred them very sharp, he made some of her knives and kept them sharp.

Yep I've hacked myself with knives and it's not because they were either sharp or blunt but that I got my finger or hand in the way. Paying attention saves cuts ;-)

so which one did you get Andrew and  what are you going to make ?

I got the white one Mary-Ann.  It's bigger than I thought and looks really quite good - amazing for $15!  I want to do vege spaghetti and those curly fries you see at markets.  I reckon I'll find a heap more things on line as well. 

You're going to out-Hog Hog's Breath with the curly wurly fries?

I think there's a happy medium primarily because cuts can run deeper with sharpness. Your mandoline-- or your spiraliser, it seems -- are slash and gore waiting to happen.

Totally unforgiving of mistakes or stupidity.

I keep a stone on hand for those times bluntness sets in...I also slice some items-like tomatoes- with serrated edge blades.

I have knives --as do we all -- but I also have my favorite knives and these I've grown accustomed to as to ergonomics and blade. And I hope I'm patient. It may take me longer to cut through an ingredient but at least there is less chance of adding my own blood to the sauce.

Afterall, I have a penchant to often mix alcohol with food preparation so one must allow oneself a safety quotient.

As a vasodilator, alcohol encourages the severed digits to bleed profusely while putting any guests off their tucker if they suffer from strict taboos against any form of cannibalism.

As for any visiting Vegans...the dinner party is sure to bomb(although I'm not sure about the strict Ethics involved as I'd be hurting myself despite adding animal  protein to the dish.).

Spirilizer injury number 1.  Slashed thumb while cleaning the blades.  Hopefully, there won't be too many more.  I used it to make carrot spaghetti which I served with my pesto.  Pretty good.  To date, 1 injury from 1 use = 100% injury rate. 

And one hundred percent learning not to do that again ;-)

LOL. Yup. 

got myself the white one too yesterday - potato curly fires went down a treat with the grandkids, carrot pasta for yesterday and zucchini pasta for dinner tonight ! need to get some apples for curly apples ,,,use a toothbrush for cleaning blades and no injury ! 

There's an idea.  I boiled the carrot pasta.  Did you deep fry or bake the curly potato fries?


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