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Zucchini before Salting

best thing I was given for xmas - zucchini ready for butter and garlic for dinner yum - Col gets his with bolognaise sauce 

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Ah but you use yours, Mary-Ann. I could find mine, tucked away in a cupboard with the sharp blades in a separate bottle. Are you using raw Zucch as a pasta substitute?

yes although I steam it a little for pasta substitute - we had our gluten. sugar free vegan and not too much fibre daughter ( its the way she controls her Chrons that she has had since early childhood so probably born with) and her partner here for a few weeks over xmas so really got into extra healthy living - though she does eat home grown eggs and home made butter so that makes good sauce for the zucchini pasta - apparently the hormones in many meats milks and eggs etc is a trigger not the meat etc itself and probably the insecticides and pesticides in wheat rather than gluten but she doesnt experiment too much  ! We went visiting and the small amount of milk in a cup of tea had her in agony for 2 days ! 

What does the machine look like Mary-Ann?

Image result for vegetable spiralizerbought one of these for daughter in law and was given the red one - think i will but myself one like the top save muscle overload this one you have to hand twist the vegies - which is fine for softer zucchini apples etc but hard on the muscles if doing carrots 

Thanks for that. I've been looking to try to work out how to swap pasta for a few raw veges. 

This is mine and here are some reviews:

I had no idea there was so many different ones.  K-Mart should have the white ones for $15 Mary-Ann. 

yes just got to get to a kmart ! 

I have a Mandoline and it just slices.

That such art  is possible from these spiralisers makes me feel that I'm only worth a D in aesthetics.

The best I can manage is that last week I bought 4 vegetable graters/zesters in an Op shop. I have become grate-dependent but can never manage, despite my tools,  to obtain a satisfactory Julienne.

Best julienne by far is via a mandolin-style grater. Watch those fingers! (spoken from one who managed to damage several, the cuts take a long while to heal). Although it's a pest, use the safety cover provided; there's always some you cannot slice, that part goes to compost. No waste really and 10 fully-functioning fingers.

hey Dave have you seen these they say they Julienne -

So they do but it's tedious and hard on the wrists. Cost is very high for what it is plus $10 postage.


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