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More information on Vast Neem Kernel Cake

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I'll post the bit of info directly here Prem, so people can read it:

VAST Neem Kernel Cake : The Premium Organic Fertilizer

100% natural NPK All-In-One Organic Fertiliser

VAST Neem Kernel Cake is Eco-Friendly botanical fertiliser that contains natural plant available Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and host of Trace elements.                 

It has been proven in the field as a valuable product to the serious crop farmer or market gardener. It has been used for centuries by farmers to provide the necessary organic balance to their wide range of crops.

It contains naturally occurring Macro and Micro Nutrients that makes it an ideal slow release organic fertiliser with soil conditioning properties.

It is a product of the Neem Tree.  Neem seed kernels are pressed to recover neem oil and the residue retains the natural balance of minerals, trace elements and nutrients that is vital for healthy plant growth.

Totally Organic:


VAST Neem Kernel Cake is 100% Neem plant matter and non-animal product. It is completely free from synthetic chemicals.


Typical Analysis:





:   0.3%-0.7%




:   0.8%-1.4%




:   0.6%-2.0%




:   13.2mg/Kg




:   284mg/Kg


Since this fertiliser is 100% organic the analysis may vary slightly but the above minimum is guaranteed.



Some Outstanding Features of VAST Neem Kernel Cake


Natural NPK source

100% natural plant matter.

Increases organic composition of soil.

Helps to stabilise and improve soil structure.

Promotes healthy growth of seedlings.

Promotes healthy growth of plant root system.

Improves quality, taste and yield of produce.

Provides nutrients that help crop resistance to adverse weather, disease and pest attack.

Synergistic with other fertilisers.

Makes high nitrogenous fertilisers more nitrogen efficient.

Slow release fertiliser.

Greater concentration of nutrients making it more effective and economical than other organic fertilisers.

Helps to increase beneficial soil micro- organisms and earthworms.

Can be applied alone or in combination with other fertilisers to improve efficacy of other fertilisers.


Recommended application rates :

Established Plants and Fruit Trees : 50gm to 100gm/M2 lightly raked under the area covered by the plant canopy.

Vegetable and Flower Gardens : 20gm to 50gm/M2 mixed thoroughly in soil has given excellent results.

It has been established that continual application of 50gm per M2 is sufficient to keep the soils healthy and fertile. Greater applications will not harm the soil.

Recommendations :

VAST Neem Kernel Cake fertiliser is recommended for all vegetable and fruit crops, tubers, fodder crops and other broad acre crops such as legume and grain, sugar cane, wheat, cotton, rice, sorghum, corn etc.

Method of Application :

It is best applied during soil preparation, it should be thoroughly mixed into soil before planting. It is also efficient when lightly raked in around established plants. Irrigate liberally after application to enhance the performance.

VAST Neem Kernel Cake fertiliser has proved to contribute significantly to plant health. Its regular use results in healthy and vigorous growth of plants while increasing their resistance to disease, fungi and pests enabling plants to be more productive.

VAST Neem Kernel Cake is a weed-free multi-action organic fertiliser. It is 100% natural product free from chemicals, does not pollute the environment and it is user friendly. Regular use of VAST Neem Kernel Cake fertiliser will re-vitalise all soils.

VAST Neem Kernel Cake……….. The Natural Choice!!

For more information:                                                                                                  

Vast Resources Pty Ltd

ACN 826158679


P: 0414 490 717

Have you spoken to Dianne about bringing some of your products along to a Garden Visit for sale and a talk Prem?


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