It's basically rice, coconut, palm sugar and a touch of cardamon steamed in turmeric leaves.

The whole lot absorbs the turmeric aroma, and it is totally DELICIOUS and memorable and not something you'll taste anywhere else in a hurry.

Flattened rice wasn't going to be easy to get, so I just used ground rice from the supermarket - probably loses something in the texture, but works perfectly well. I made it with my turmeric leaves, but they're about to die back completely - might have to wait until spring now :)

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  • I crash tested this tonight.  The turmeric works great as a wrap but it's too thick for me to find appealing.  Galangal is the same.  Ginger however just tastes like spinach.  None of them imparted significant flavour to a piece of Barra that I steamed.  I'll use turmeric as a wrap but will add real ingredients on the inside with the food I am cooking.  I was an interesting test. 

  • After talking to Vivienne, she convinced me to check out ginger and galangal leaves.  They are the same.  You can make Patholi, dolmaties, chop them up and eat them with even a light cook. Can you imagine the flavour of fish cooked in ginger leaves.... mmmm...  My produce just doubled!

  • Oh my.  I am so going to "bump" this post.   You can also just shred them and use them like spinach in any dish you cook (even slightly).

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