• I have had luck with green zebra and beefsteak toms thru the cooler month and of course the "cherry bombs", as my partner calls them, grow like weeds all year round. This year I have some nice big cherries which I love. There is also a wonderful volunteer growing through he bushes in my front yard no idea what it is - medium sized red fruit, slightly thick skin but pretty tasty, has been growing for months and months and fruiting for a couple at least, I'm going to save some seed for this one and see how it goes as it has been very hardy. I never do anything to it except steal the fruit!
  • LOL - so funny Elaine, after reading your post I googled "seed swap Redcliffe" (to see if any 'swappers' near me) and found an old post of yours in BLF! Handy actually, as you mentioned buying bulk vermiculate at a nearby garden centre, and since I'm about to start a new garden bed I might just pop down and buy some.

    I already get my seeds from Green Harvest - I found out the hard way that southern seeds don't take too well to Brisbane summers. I now plant Tropical varieties in the summer which do quite well. I'll try the Grosse Lisse again and see if that likes winter here.
    • Yay, we're famous again ;)
  • Nice, i was wondering if we could, now its getting colder...choice im going try sowing seeds this weekend....cherrys and might try a bigger sort?. (thanks dona and cassandra)
    heehee, i have self seeded x3 plants from the worm farms....ive got them growing in the failed tomatoe pots (the ones in my pics) and these new guys are very happy, im just waiting on tomatoes, i got a few out and kind of little, so i think it may be cherry? but my bubs keeps on picking them (and im not sure what they are lol, as i put alot of stuff thur the worm farms) and i have one growing in my compost pile...which is doing really really well....sadly i hadnt checked in a while and went out the other day to water (not much rain can get behind the sheed) and hello i had caterpillers all over it.....had to pick off 6 good size motos and under foot went the caterpillers....i think this guy is one of the heirloom plants that failed last year? I got 4 motos left and looks like a few more are comming thru??? Cant wait for these guys...they do look like a beef style lot???
  • Tracy, if you are interested in joining 'Brisbane Seed Savers' which is a Group on this forum, we have monthly Garden Visits which are listed as Events on this website. The next Garden Visit is being hosted by Mark at Burnie Brae

    I have a few varieties of tomato seeds which I would be happy to share, also there are other members that may also be able to help... Think I have green zebra, black zebra and some 10 colour mix that I am trialling - haven't had much luck with large heritage tomatoes to date so they are not localised yet (likely sourced from Diggers...)

    With regard to germination, it may take a bit longer because of the colder weather but the actual growing should be fine for any variety of tomato.
    • Thanks Donna - I'd love to swap seeds. I have oodles of left-overs from my bought seeds (Green Harvest and Diggers club), but so far have only collected some 'Thai Pink' tomato seeds. Is that ok? Being a newbie to seed-swapping.. what does one do - can I just turn up with my dirt-covered packets of seeds and a few envelopes? :)
      • For Brisbane Seed Savers (other groups are a LOT more organised lol) I have a supply of excess seeds that have been grown by members/ others and are donated into a central 'pool'. Any members, including new members are able to take these seeds for free.

        Members have their private stash of seeds that they are usually happy to share if they have a few of any specific variety.

        There is no obligation, however the theory is that when you harvest seed you save enough to share with other members. I am currently considering introducing another layer/ level where members can volunteer to try and save seed of specific varieities to share, so keep an eye on new discussions in the Group Brisbane Local Food.
  • Any of the standard sized Tomatoes can do well in the cooler months. It's the hot months - the very time when you crave a decent Tomato - that the larger-fruited varieties don't want to flower or if they do, fruit fly or not-enough/too-much rain gets them or one of more of the wilts/spots to which Tomatoes in humidity are prone.

    The small-fruited varieties do best in hot conditions and within those are more desirable selections - seed keeping and swapping comes into its own here. For what it's worth, I have never had a fruit off a Black Russian but Mr Stripey has been very productive. Bullock-hearts are watery and just as often volunteers have proved excellent or terrible ... it's a lottery no matter which way you go.

    Tomatoes like a lot of the European/South American plants, are marginal in Brisbane and warmer/humid climes. Swapping seeds at a garden visit will probably get some well-performed becoming-locally-adapted varieties and if you have the chance to do that, it's my first choice rather than buying seed. Or if you can only buy seed, go for Eden or Green Harvest or even Rangeview rather than any of the heritage seed companies further south. Seed from further north to the northern rivers is about the limit - seed directly from overseas or from south is problematic at best.

    Don't keep seed from commercial tomatoes, it is usually a hybrid in its early stages and not stable, I've wasted a lot of garden space on volunteers from the compost only to find watery, tough-skinned disease-prone plants just as prevalent as the good performers. You can go to a nursery and buy seedlings and even some heritage varieties are available - give them a whirl if there is no other viable choice just now and be prepared to experiment and waste a bit of garden space in the process.
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