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I've been fortunate to receive a bulk order of commercial strawberry runners and want to give them the best opportunity to fruit lusciously. Do you guys have tips - Susan, do you grow them in window boxes on your fenceline? I don't have the budget to buy in structures but have 3 bags of cow poo and some sugar cane mulch. How high up should they be to avoid pests/predators? How much soil depth would they need? Much appreciated :) will send photo when I'm done.
PS I have put some in an old gutter that I plan to maybe fix to the fence on a slight angle for draining but don't have another ta :)

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Hi Sophie, yeah, I grow in self watering pots on fence so strawberries can hang over the edges and you don’t have critters coming up from the soil to munch them.  Last year, I did plant some in ground and managed to get decent harvests by raising the strawberries up off the ground.   I used my bamboo, hard to explain but as the stalk grows, they release triangular pieces that curl up on themselves and are very smooth, almost like plastic.  When placed on ground, I’d lay my strawberry stem over it so the fruit was up off the ground and because they are so smooth, I guess critters couldn’t really get a good grip and left them alone.  They were definitely in the garden tyhough cause any strawberries I missed got munched.  I’ve seen people rig up plastic things to use, so you could look into making some mini stands or find someone with bamboo and give my method a go (you’re welcome to raid my place if you wanted to trial it).  When i get some fruit formed, I’ll take a photo and show you what I mean if you’re interested. 


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