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I have started a video series of tips for new gardeners.

Introductory episode

Episode 1: composting

Episode 2: start by planting perennials 

Episode 3: livestock for city blocks or apartments

Episode 4: first annuals to plant and our first monthly produce weigh in

Episode 5: why bother to garden?

Episode 6: choosing your plants

Episode 7: how I value my produce 

Episode 8: seed saving

The series can be found using this playlist link  Hopefully, it might help new people who stumble onto the site.  

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Great Idea Andy, Love your new Avatar.

I am more grateful for your comment than you might know Dianne.  I was worried it was a silly post.  

On the avatar front, all the cool kids were doing it so I just copied them.  Shhh. 

Just as well I'm not one of the 'Cool Kids', this mug is not one for a New Prospective Member to see.

Pfft.  If Dave and I don't scare them off, we are pretty safe with a picture of you!  but do whatever makes you comfy.  That's the beauty of BLF.  Rulez is for Fulez.  Just play Koolz.  

Good work Andy. 

Yes Dave.  Our comedic genius is seldom acknowledged.  Men ahead of our times.  

Here at BLF we grow our own.

I almost spat rum on my screen with that post.  Curse you!

haha nice one

Episode 6 went up tonight.  BLF even rated a few mentions.  

Choosing your plants

Great video, Andy. Shedwars seems like an interesting concept.

I liked the idea of trying to help new gardeners.  


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