I have started a video series of tips for new gardeners.

Introductory episode

Episode 1: composting

Episode 2: start by planting perennials 

Episode 3: livestock for city blocks or apartments

Episode 4: first annuals to plant and our first monthly produce weigh in

Episode 5: why bother to garden?

Episode 6: choosing your plants

Episode 7: how I value my produce 

Episode 8: seed saving

The series can be found using this playlist link  Hopefully, it might help new people who stumble onto the site.  

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  • Great one Andy :) I'll have to have a look
    Reminds me - a few years ago with Elaine we started a BLF Ebook - like a BLF best of for gardening in Bris. I got carried away with work over the years so didn't have time to continue but we can easily make this a group effort as a wiki/ shareable and editable google doc if there is interest

    Here's what we had so far



    • I do remember us talking about doing this Sophie, it is still a great idea. Would probably be good to if members who have a special interest could suggest a subject, I would be happy to Herbs & or Companion Planting. I would have done Moon Gardening though as I really never had but one or two people interested in that it might not be a good idea for that one, just let me know what is required and if we need to use a special font or format..

    • Well I had no idea!  I suggest people indicate whether they are interested in helping on this.  If you follow the link, it lets you ask for permission to edit.  I'll be asking Sophie.  I'm working on my second cookbook at the moment but after that I'm happy to help.  

      • great - happy to allow for access - just make sure you send me a BLF message at the same time so I get a notification to check & accept.

        • 2016...

    • It's useful to be reminded that this great resource is there, Sophie. 

  • Episode 6 went up tonight.  BLF even rated a few mentions.  

    Choosing your plants

    • Great video, Andy. Shedwars seems like an interesting concept.

      • I liked the idea of trying to help new gardeners.  

  • Here at BLF we grow our own.


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