I stumbled across this awesome (well I think it's awesome) blog and thought others might be interested.  There is a bit of language sometimes, but in context in my opinion and nothing I haven't heard before...


There is a current article about Neem Oil which I found interesting.  Also check out 'All the Single Lady Blossoms & The Male Blossoms That Fall For Them' for an insightful view on curcubit flowers lol.

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  • great one, thanks Donna!
  • hey that hadn't occurred to me - she had a link to the wikipedia entry on neem oil (as opposed to the entry on neem) - and it says that it is effective against nematodes - as I suspected from the frequent references to its use as a soil conditioner.

    ah ha!
  • That was funny. (i watch a video clip with her hubby helping her place some post in, with a axe, useing the flat side to hit post in and she was talking her way though the video....something my hubby would do, instead of a hammer lol) but that was cool the way she did that with the string for the tomatoes, one string from the top post all the way down, attached to the plant and just twist the string around plant as it grows...good idea but im not sure about wind and such??? might hurt the plant more then anything???)
    • That sounds like the tie used in commercial greenhouses. I do that with my Tomatoes since I saw what the commercial growers do. You get one strong leader, remove the laterals and supposedly get more bigger fruit. The wind doesn't seem to bother the plants even tho they swing and sway.
      • wow, now i know someone who has done it. heehee......i will try and give it ago. (i need to find a pic, that can show me what a leader is and a what does it mean to pinch out? and what is lateral heehee..off to do a goggle search...dum, dee, d, do)
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