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It became obvious that most of the posts in the buy, swap and give away forum are now a complete waste of time because they expired years ago.  So, I figured I would make a single thread that people can use to ask for things they need, particularly plants or seeds.  


When you get the item you asked for, delete your request or edit it so it is clear you got it.  It's important to keep the thread current.  

Offer to pay for postage - or to collect.  Think about waiting to a garden visit to collect.  Remember, if people are offering you something for free, they are doing you a favour. 

So, all you need do is add to this thread.  

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  • I wish to buy some quails to raise for eggs to eat and it's poo for compose pile.

    • If you add me as a "friend" Joanna, I can message you about supplying you with some.  I have  a person who is next but have another batch in the incubator as well.  

  • I am looking for a plant or a couple of hardwood cuttings of Chaya.   I found your group via an article on Chaya. I'm not sure if

    I should post this request on the Chaya article or here.  I'm in north qld.   I bought a Chaya plant on ebay earlier this year. It is 

    now over one metre, and appears almost identical to an Aibika I have.  I very much doubt that it is Chaya,but it hasn't flowered

    yet. The leaves taste like the Aibika too.   If anyone has Chaya,and could selll a plant or two cuttings ,or advise where I could

    buy it,it would be much appreciated.   I'd pay for it and express post,of course.   I have heard that Daleys niursery sell it at times.   Does anyone know if the plant they sell is the true Chaya ( Cnidosculus sp.)  ?  Thanks.   David Higham

    • I'll be.  My Chaya is actually Aibika. It doesn't help you, but I'm glad you pointed that out mate!

  • Hi All

    I'm currently looking for:

    • Some olive prunings of different varieties to try grafting
    • Kipfler potatoes or other less common varieties

    I can offer Malabar chestnut and coffee seedlings, cuttings of most things mentioned on my profile page and I have a whole bunch of seeds, which are too numerous to list here.



    • Thanks to those who offered sprouted chokos and yakon.  I now have what I need, thanks to a visit from Vivienne.

      • congrats you are still welcome to visit here anytime -

        • Actually, I'd love to hit you up some time Mary-Ann.  I'd really love to get an understanding of Col's amazing automation processes.  We just need to tell him to talk real slow because I'm not a real quick learner.  

          • anytime .he normally speaks slower than on the videos - there were time restraints ... he wrote all the programming himself -  singles couples or small groups (5 -10) are best so you can ask questions 

            • If you let me know a date and time that suits you guys, I'll make an event and carefully limit the numbers.  Thanks heaps Mary-Ann.  (Oh, that was a joke about the speaking slow, by the way. Damn, I gotta work on that comedy routine.)

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