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It became obvious that most of the posts in the buy, swap and give away forum are now a complete waste of time because they expired years ago.  So, I figured I would make a single thread that people can use to ask for things they need, particularly plants or seeds.  


When you get the item you asked for, delete your request or edit it so it is clear you got it.  It's important to keep the thread current.  

Offer to pay for postage - or to collect.  Think about waiting to a garden visit to collect.  Remember, if people are offering you something for free, they are doing you a favour. 

So, all you need do is add to this thread.  

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I love ya work Dianne!  

Thanks Dianne :) Are you attending Susan's GV? would be interested in the Geraniums, thank you x

Yes Sophie I will be at Susan's GV and will bring the Rose Geraniums and a couple more on Saturday. Would you mind sending me an SMS on my phone on Friday Night so as I remember.

one for me too please - have heaps of citronella geranium if anyone wants it 

thanks Dianne, will do!

Oh dear.  Can I book one too?  Rozie loves the damn things. 

Hi everyone, just an update, I sourced a small quanitity of mugwort and Shiso seeds; Dianne gave me from scented geraniums so thanks. Hopefully I can get these established and share them back :)
Doug would be fab to scrounge some molokhia seeds from you; ps I still have your quail eggs tray

Still on the look out for the cafe au lait dahlias ! :)

PS got some Shiso seeds and rose geranium from Dianne :)

seems I can't edit previous posts. might get a little confusing

I did it for you. I did get confused about geranium though. Re-add it if you still need it please. 

I can supply some small Moringa plants as well and some pigeon pea babies.  

Have an abundance of Madagascar bean seeds.

mostly sort of anti wish list - have small broad leafed papaya seedlings - a just about black spot resistant strain can bring on Saturday to Susans if any wants them . shot chokos ready for planting , red white pink dragonfruit cuttings , peppino pieces and a couple of peruvian apple cuttings if anyone wants any .... looking for goji berries, banana passionfruit  and casabananas and Guabiju (Myrcianthes pungens)- yes we keep killing them, 

Hey Mary Anne, 

I have about 100 seedlings just popped of guyajibu. Will repot from communal trays into pots over autumn. Maybe can give you some in spring.  I take it you won't be at the stfc field visit on Saturday.

Saturday is a toss up of three garden meetings - we thought of spreading ourselves 2 ways but down to one car at the moment  ----- no wont be at STFC  - haven't been to one of BLFs for over a year so the dice rolled BLF way! and trying to get everything done for the Samford edible food trial open gardens in May - 200 people from 9 - 3 so big day ! Did you see the video?    will catch up soon and do drop in any time you are this way ! 


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