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It became obvious that most of the posts in the buy, swap and give away forum are now a complete waste of time because they expired years ago.  So, I figured I would make a single thread that people can use to ask for things they need, particularly plants or seeds.  


When you get the item you asked for, delete your request or edit it so it is clear you got it.  It's important to keep the thread current.  

Offer to pay for postage - or to collect.  Think about waiting to a garden visit to collect.  Remember, if people are offering you something for free, they are doing you a favour. 

So, all you need do is add to this thread.  

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Andy was looking for:

Moringa seed or cuttings.  A plant would be an absolute bonus.  

(The guy next door sprayed.)  

I have some! Both

This could possibly turn out to be our most used thread ever.  Boy, it works a treat!

haha I reckon!

Sophie is looking for...

- not strickly a food plant but would loooove Cafe au Lait dahlia tuber if anyone has...

I don't have any Sophie, but Diggers do. 

Thanks Christa - Diggers Cafe au Lait is for members only (am longer member). I've gotten in contact with various Dahlia societies and online nurseries. It's the wrong season so I have to wait May-Aug for pre-order. Was just wondering if anyone had them here as they are so very gorgeous and it would be just that tad easier!

And Sophie goes in with a tough one!  Good reply from Christa.  Let's see how this one unfolds.  

Hi everyone,

Here's my wishlist - I'm in no rush :)

-rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)


-Molokhia aka Egyptian spinach (Corchorus olitorius) - apparently seeds germinate in November - noted!

-Red/purple Shiso (Perilla frutescens) - to make Shiso juice tea!

And of course, the Cafe au Lait dahlias...

I have in abundance:
- moringa

- cassava

- curry leaves

Thank you!

I have tons of Egyptian spinach, plant it once and you have it forever. Used for poultry feed and in the compost, oh and you can eat it!

Never had much luck with perilla.

Best time to plant?last time I grew it, it didn't self seed.

Mine pop in spring every year Dave. I will collect some seed as they start to die off.


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