I've changed the title of this a bit to reflect the trend towards general sausage making... 

I got a sausage maker today (mincer and pusher).  (This machine no longer minces but it still stuffs - I killed it with pork.)

I can now make the whole damn burger now! Bread, sausage, spinach, shallots, cheese, chili jam or tomato relish and booze to wash it down. I even make the cola in my soda stream to go with the booze.

Not only that, but once my aquaponics set up is done, I can choose between meat or fish burgers.  LOL. 

There are days when I scare even myself - fair dinkum. 

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  • Reviving an old post here.  I was watching a video tonight on how to make a 300 year old breakfast sausage (as you do - lol) and found they were skinless.  I've been playing around lately with a smoked Kransky mix that works quite well as a pattie but I hadn't thought about just rolling it as a skinless sausage.  I think this might become a bit of a new adventure.  The art is to find a good binding mix - not to fill it full of flour like the bought ones.  I want a bit of a chunky meat and spice mix that is flourless.  

  • I used to make snags and it's a lot of fun...but, you know, each effort was a major project with a lot of clean up.

    So now I've switched to exploring mince meat dishes in the Turkish, kofta tradition -- and I'm delighted that I can really add a lot more ingredients into the mix. Of course there's no casing -- so you rely on a lot of creative twists to flavour up your meat...and shape it if you need to. 

    The same applies to making jerky and biltong and now I'm using a jerky gun to generate my strips for drying. Same principle as making snags but you dry rather than cook em...and they last longer too. I prefer to use minced meat as its cheaper than the cuts you need to slice up for standard jerky or biltong making. 

    The biltong trick is worth meditating on more generally when using minced meats: adding vinegar which partially 'cooks' the meat. Handy addition to  most minced dishes -- a marinade resource. 

    • Thanks Dave.  I've also taken to leaving out the casings a bit these days and going for kofta style patties.  That sounds like a great idea with the jerky.  

  • I added a new video tonight - how to make a Bratwurst/Bauerwurst sausage - or - how to remove the hair on your left arm in one quick step.


  • I actually made a knackwurst!

    I had a go at making a knackwurst.  My goodness, it turned out well.  It is a little different to knackwurst because it doesn't use beef and pork, so I call it Cumberwurst.  


    1.5 kg pork

    6 tsp salt

    1.25 tsp caster sugar

    3 tsp pepper

    2 tsp ground mustard seed

    1 tbl marjoram

    2 tsp paprika

    1 tsp garlic


    Mix everything well with hands.  

    Stuff casings.  

    Hot smoke till cooked.

    Here are the spares about to go into the freezer:


    • Yummy

  • What kind of chicken do you get for $2 a kilo!!!

    • It was at the IGA at McDowall.  They called it portions - roughly a quarter of a chook.  They thought I was crazy when I said, "No wings or drumsticks please!"  If you think about it, 4 quarters adds up to $8 - cooked ones are $10 for a full bird.  I probably didn't actually save that much - but it sounded like a bargain at the time!

  • OK, have just been inspired to bring out my meat mincer and create some yummy treats...I am thinking similar to your Thai sausages, but with pork.

    • Sounds darn fine to me wendy!  I was getting chicken at $2 per kilo so I went with that.  

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