I am not  a fruit eater. Not obsessed with sweetness. So my fav fruits tend to be paw paw and dragon fruit.

But hey!

I purchased a Piel de Sapo melon the other day and the tastebud and texture vibes came all over me.

So I got seeds.

Has anyone grown these & have producing tips?

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  • I have one under production but the vine is very fickle. 

  • It was a melon I grew some time ago, and remember that the vine died off and left a greenish melon.  After cutting it up I was not sure if it was ripe but it tasted OK.  It did last for a few days as I was the only one in the house who ate melon.  Haven't grown it since. 

  • 8df027e411cbe15449fc12ffbd5f27dc.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xPiel de Sapo melon makes an awesome salsa or salad. Last night I chopped up the last of what I had and dropped it into coleslaw. Keeps better than any melon and suits our climate during the non Summer months. Can be kept up to six weeks longer than other varieties. 

    Discussion HERE.

  • No but I will be following the post.  I love Piel de Sapo. 

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