I'm currently reading this book by Jeffrey who lives locally at Flaxton. 

It's like all my thoughts on gardening put down on paper in a really easy to read and follow format. Highly recommended.

About $30 retail I picked a quality second hand copy up on eBay for $20.

This is the one book I will be carting around with me!


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  • Lissa, I have finally got my hands on that book, it came in the mail today, and I am having trouble putting it down.  So far, and I am only in the first section, the author has similar thoughts to myself about gardening.  Some things I wish I could change in this yard, mainly that huge tree, but when reading on through the pages, it is not a bad thing to have growing.  It is not a native, but has been here for a while.  It helps create it's own little micro-climate in the yard.  Every gardener would benefit from reading this, before creating their backyard forest.  Trees would be in different places if I had read it earlier.  Thanks for suggesting a very good book with simple guidelines. 

    • It is THE best garden guide book I have ever read. So simply put and easy to follow and yes, it echos my own thoughts on gardening almost completely. I plan on re reading my copy that turned up in the post last week and high lighting the bits I find particularly interesting.

      Did you notice in the front of the book he invites readers to come say hi! I actually drove up there but didn't have the guts to knock at his door so I have written asking if a group can come visit. Will let you know the outcome.

  • They are good books by Jeffrey Hodges, I don't have that one, but I do have "The Natural Gardener" and also "The Waterwise Garden" and have referred to them frequently.  

    Just a quick question Lissa, do you, or have you sowed seeds into propagating trays or direct into the earth?  

    • I've done both while learning how to grow from seed Christa. I used to go to a lot of trouble to try growing healthy plants in seed trays - from memory that's where I found sitting them in a shallow tray of weed tea helpful. Eventually I stopped and just planted seed direct. No transplant shock. Just strong plants growing where they would stay. A bit more random in placement but what-the-hay it didn't really matter.

      In the end I relied half and half on my own sown seed and bought seedlings for a quick result. After all, food was the desired outcome.

      • Yes that is what I think I will try, direct into garden bed.  That way I can pull out weak seedlings and learn more about their strength. It is natures way, where they fall is often where they grow. As soon as it cools down a bit, all my seed will be dispersed, before they get too old. 

        I am also looking into more perennial type food, and also smaller type foods- quick from the earth to the table. 

        • Those plants that self sowed and came up by themselves each year were my favourites especially the lettuces which where coming up around the garden in their dozens.

          Jeffrey Hodges writes about it in The Organic Garden - saving some seed but letting the rest broadcast and letting them lay dormant in the soil until nature wants them to germinate, where they choose to do it (pge 61). Very sensible.

          Now that I am moving around so much and missing my own home grown greens I really should look into growing sprouts again.

          • Sprouts are the best and simplest way to get greens - and so very nutritious too. Found that Alfalfa stuck in a certain party's throat so now do micro-greens. A small pot with potting mix, Sunflower and Buckwheat are the favourites in summer. Broccoli in winter oh and Peas, too. Harvest with scissors; store excess dry in fridge inside a green vege-keeping bag. Sowing to harvesting about 7 days.

            • Bit more difficult for me to carry a pot of soil around safely than it is a jar with a lid. Will try the jar first off.

  • It's even better when the author lives locally and faces many of the same challenges we face especially the weather.

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